Episode 32: Seattle Session Kick-off!

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This week we have the first of four episodes featuring the artists we met during Cues and Tattoos in Seattle, Washington! In our first Seattle Session we talk about the workshops, the shows, the altitude, and a bunch of other random stuff! We also chat with Stephanie from TribalTique and have a brief giggle with Amy and Shelley from Unmata!

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On This Episode:
Cues and Tattoos
FatChance BellyDance
Medea's tribe profile
Urban Gypsy
Works of PURE Love
Orlando PURE
Sarasota PURE
Cat Bruce
Suhaila Salimpour
Shira.net Tribe - "Dancing With People You Don't Like?"
DIY/Bellydance On A Budget Tribe - "Don't You Hate It When..."
Stories From The Hip: Tribe Post - Facebook Post
Rachel Brice in the Blue Mountains (to Beirut)

Around Town:
June 4-6 Long Beach, CA Cairo Caravan 2010 - workshops with Amy Sigil, Ariellah, Princess Farhana, and Dondi
June 4-6 St. Petersburg, FL Hip Expressions presents Orientalism in Flamenco with Patricia Passo with a Lecture on Friday and a show Saturuday evening.
June 9-13 Cazadero Camp, CA Kosmos Camp - workshops with Shelley from Unmata, Shoshanna, Vicki Virk, Mira Betz, Joti Singh, and more!
June 11-13 Elk Grove Village, IL Tribal Revolution - workshops with Ariellah, Amy Sigil, Samantha Riggs, Deb Rubin, and more!
June 26th Augusta, GA Alchemy Dance presents Amberetta!
June 26th Orlando, FL Florida Tribal Dance presents Awalim with a show that evening!
June 27th St. Petersburg, FL Hip Expressions presents Awalim with a show that evening!

Featured Music:

Artist: Suhaila Salimpour - Buy at SuhailaInternational.com
Album: Sheherezade
Songs: The Capture, Edge of Survival, The Harem

Artist: Beirut - Amazon or Beirut
Album: The Flying Club Cup, Gulag Orkestar
Songs: Guyamas Sonora, The Gulag Orkestar, Prenzlauerberg

Additional Music:

Artist: Kara Nomadica - Amazon or Kara Nomadica - Kara Nomadica
Album: Kara Nomadica
Songs: Arainia, We've Never Met