Episode 4: A Magi Temple and Hair Decor

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On this week's episode Melanie LaJoie from A Magi Temple spends some time on the podcast. Tammy and Mary get excited about So You Think You Can Dance and discuss male bellydancers and bellydance on TV. The Costume Corner comes back with an easy trick to get things to stay in your hair and Shimmy Cove gets violent!

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On This Episode:
So You Think You Can Dance (tribe.net)
Atash Maya Dance Co. (tribe.net)
Steven of Atash Maya
Geisha Moth (tribe.net)
Shampoo Free Blog Article - More reasons to go poo-free!
A Magi Temple - Melanie LaJoie, Director
Hair Extension Clips
Donna Mejia

Around Town Events:

June 5-7 Orlando, FL
Festival on the Nile Featuring Dawn from GA
June 6-7 Augusta, GA Southern Oasis Featuring Unmata
June 12-14 Asheville, NC Americana Burlesque and Sideshow Festival Hosted by Onca of Mezmer Society
June 19-21 Pembroke Pines, FL Tribal Solstice Featuring Donna Mejia

Featured Music:

Artist: Gogol Bordello - Amazon or Gogol Bordello - Super Taranta!
Albums: Super Taranta!, Voi-La Intruder
Songs on YIP: Alcohol, Super Taranta!, Unvisible Zedd

Artist: Midival PunditZ - Amazon or Midival Punditz - Hello Hello
Album: Midival Punditz, Hello Hello
Songs on YIP: Ajmer, Desolate, Atomizer

Background Music This Week:

Artist: Anup - Amazon or Anup - Embrace
Album: Embrace
Songs on YIP: Sweet Dissonance, Genesis Wave, Reflection, Natural Bridges Kids

Artist: Gogol Bordello - Amazon or Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike
Album: Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike
Song on YIP: Mishto

Artist: Midival Punditz - Amazon or Midival Punditz - Hello Hello
Album: Hello Hello
Song on YIP: Naina Laagey

Episode 3: Henna, Bindi and No Shampoo

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Tammy shares her trick to beautiful hair without shampooing, guest Jody from Beachcomber's Bazaar talks about henna's beauty and dangers, bindi use by bellydancers becomes an unexpectedly touchy subject, Mary waxes enthusiastic about bad 90s dancing, and Tammy dreams of the Fringe beer tent!

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On This Episode:

Makeup and Hair for Dancers (tribe.net) - Be shampoo free!
Fusion Belly Dance Music (tribe.net) - Maduro's new release
Bellydance Paladin - Asharah's Blog
Maduro- Fantastic electronic musician
Beachcomber's Bazaar - Indian glass bangles, bindi, henna, shoes
Southern Oasis 2009 - Featuring UNMATA's Amy Sigil
Orlando Fringe Festival

Featured Music:

Artist: Gotan Project -
Amazon or Gotan Project
Album: La Revancha del Tango, Lunatico
Songs on YIP: Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre), Chunga's Revenge, Amor Porteno

Artist: Verve Remixed - Amazon or Dinah Washington - Verve Remixed
Songs on YIP: Whatever Lola Wants, Summertime, Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair

Background Music This Week:

Artist: Shiva in Exile - Amazon or Shiva In Exile
Ethnic, Nour
Songs on YIP: Akasha, Aldebaran, Desert of Yunus

Episode 2: Show Review and Makeup Maven

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In Episode 2 the Yip Podcast Crew reviews a recent bellydance show, shares some more awesome music suggestions, visits with Makeup Maven Laura and introduces our own podcast soap opera: Shimmy Cove!

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On This Episode:

Carolena Nericcio's Blog
Devyani Dance Company
Dancer's Mind - Tammy's Tribe of the Week
Elements of Dance Studio - Jolie (a.k.a. Hollie) director
UNMATA - Check them out to discover why we keep geeking out over them!
Southern Oasis 2009 - Featuring UNMATA's Amy Sigil
Dancing chicken video!!!
Orlando Fringe Festival
Audacity - Free music editing program
Stina Nordenstam

Makeup and Beauty Links:

Remington Emi Airwave Hair Dryer
Jordana Eye Pencils
Stila Convertible Color
Wet 'n' Wild Brandy Wine Lipliner (#666)
Benefit: BADgal Lash Mascara
Covergirl Lash Blast
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner

Featured Music:

Artist: Stina Nordenstam - Amazon or Stina Nordenstam
Albums: And She Closed Her Eyes, People Are Strange
Songs on YIP: I See You Again, Bird on a Wire, I Dream of Jeannie

Artist: DeVotchKa - Amazon or DeVotchKa
Album: How It Ends, Supermelodrama
Songs on YIP: Charlotte Mittnacht, In the Tower, Viens avec moi

Background Music this Week:

"Sun of Many Maps" by Zilla (album: Egg)
"Mahtab :: Moonlight Mix Pt 3" by Solace (Moon Moth Mixes)
"Lucky Foot" by Zilla (Egg)
"Indigo Dragonfly" by Solace (Balance)
"Exiled (Nei Solo Chifti-telli)" by Solace (Ahsas)
"Spiritual Signs (Light Mix)" by Tariq (Egyptian Beats CD 2)
"Habibi" by Balqis (Egyptian Beats)
"The Shisha Room" by Solace (Satya)
"Ooh La La" by The Wiseguys (The Antidote)
"Sweet Lullaby (Ambient Mix)" by Deep Forest (Deep Forest)
"Thank You" by David Modica (Timeless)
"Odysseia" by Shiva in Exile (Ethnic)
"Megan's Daughter" by Cheryl Ann Fulton (The Airs of Wales)
"Redemption (12-8 8-4)" by Solace (Ahsas)

Episode 1: For the Beginning Dancer

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Welcome to YIP Podcast! On our first episode we focus on the beginning bellydancer, meet Mary and Tammy, get some great music recommendations, interview new dancer Loreena, and learn how to make an awesome practice skirt in 3 minutes!

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On This Episode:

YOU Health Center
Suspira Orlando Bellydance - Cabaret Bellydance Instruction (Orlando, FL)
Cat Bruce - Tribal Bellydance Instruction (Winter Garden, FL)
Lacey Sanchez and Florida Tribal Dance - Tribal Bellydance Instruction (Orlando, FL)
Spirit of the Tribes
Tribal Fest 9
Geisha Moth
Ariellah - Dark Tribal Instruction/Workshops
Onca and August of the Mezmer Society
The Foul, Drunk & Hostile Bellydancer (on tribe.net)
Armoire Awards (on tribe.net)
What were they thinking... (on tribe.net)

Costume Tip:

3 Minute Skirt demo up on YouTube!
(Yes, the lighting wasn't the best...we'll strive to do better in the future!)

Featured Music:

Album: Belly Dance Fever (Various Artists) - Amazon
Songs on YIP:
1. Elama - Yasser Habeeb
2. Habibi Dah (Nari Narien) - Hisham Abbas
3. Tamally Ma'ak - Amr Diab
4. Far Away - Demis Roussos & Hasna
5. Le Rai C'est Chic - Cheb Mami

Artist: Solace
Album: The Gathering Season - Amazon or Solace - The Gathering Season
Songs on YIP: Huda, Aenaem, Qabil, Sultan's Dance, Saaba

Artist: Beats Antique
Album: Collide - Amazon or Beats Antique - Collide
Songs on YIP: Dope Krunk, Slap Dash Era, Caterpillar, Sweet Demure, Borino

Background music this week by Solace!
Find Solace on Amazon
Find Solace on Solace

Track list from the Episode 1:
1. "Huda" - The Gathering Season
2. "Djinn" - Balance"Qabil" - The Gathering Season
3. "Kama (8-4)" - Ahsas
4. "Harvest Moon" - The Gathering Season
5. "Saaba" - The Gathering Season
6. "Two Gypsies" - Shawaza
7. "Serpent's Kiss" - Nagari
8. "Suda" - The Gathering Season