Episode 3: Henna, Bindi and No Shampoo

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Tammy shares her trick to beautiful hair without shampooing, guest Jody from Beachcomber's Bazaar talks about henna's beauty and dangers, bindi use by bellydancers becomes an unexpectedly touchy subject, Mary waxes enthusiastic about bad 90s dancing, and Tammy dreams of the Fringe beer tent!

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On This Episode:

Makeup and Hair for Dancers (tribe.net) - Be shampoo free!
Fusion Belly Dance Music (tribe.net) - Maduro's new release
Bellydance Paladin - Asharah's Blog
Maduro- Fantastic electronic musician
Beachcomber's Bazaar - Indian glass bangles, bindi, henna, shoes
Southern Oasis 2009 - Featuring UNMATA's Amy Sigil
Orlando Fringe Festival

Featured Music:

Artist: Gotan Project -
Amazon or Gotan Project
Album: La Revancha del Tango, Lunatico
Songs on YIP: Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre), Chunga's Revenge, Amor Porteno

Artist: Verve Remixed - Amazon or Dinah Washington - Verve Remixed
Songs on YIP: Whatever Lola Wants, Summertime, Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair

Background Music This Week:

Artist: Shiva in Exile - Amazon or Shiva In Exile
Ethnic, Nour
Songs on YIP: Akasha, Aldebaran, Desert of Yunus


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