Episode 61: Jill Parker

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Whoa! Three cheers for another unintentional YIP hiatus! (Anyone? Anyone? No?) Okay, well then Happy New Year, YIPpers! We're back from a long (I think our longest ever??) break and getting back in the podcasting grooooove! We missed all of you! Ahhhhhh!! We're so exCIted!! And we just can't HIDE it!! This episode features the fabulous "Mother of Tribal Fusion" herself...Jill Parker!! (More fan-girl SCREAMING!!!)

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Jill's wrist tattoos
Image courtesy of: The Dancer's Eye

Featured Music:

Artist: FestiByn - Amazon or
Album: Balkan Express
Songs: Dönme Bana Sevgilim, Sparaben i Staden, Besame Mucho

Artists: Helm and Phil Thornton - Amazon or
Album: Tribal Spirit
Songs: Lovar Jivera (trad. Rajasthan), Le Rosier Blanc (trad. France), Lashir Spirit (trad. Yemen)

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Album: The Gathering Season - Amazon or
Artist: Solace
Songs: All

No-Sew T-shirt Skirt

So, I thought I'd gotten the idea from Generation T, but now I can't find what I specifically did in there. So...sorry for not giving credit where credit is due, but here are the steps:

  1. Cut the sleeves and collar off of a T-shirt (since this skirt version doesn't taper the fabric in at the waist at all I recommend using a shirt that fits you rather snugly, or you'll have weird bunched up fabric around your waist). If you'd like a straight edge at the bottom of the skirt then just cut off the whole section from under each sleeve (at the armpit) to the other side. I like the look of little slits at the side, so I didn't cut straight across.

  2. Cut a hole in the bottom hem of the shirt. The bottom will now become the waistband. Using a safety pin - or a bodkin - thread 1/4" elastic or a strip of fabric through the bottom hem. (I used a piece of stretchy fabric, which gave me a cute bow with some cute dangle-y ties, but also made the waist super elastic comfy). If you're planning to just put in elastic then you can make the hole on the inside of the shirt hem so that the hole is hidden.

  3. Ta-da! It looks a little boxy in this pic, but that's only because my floor has no curves. It's actually pretty flattering for a 5 minute project! :-) Don't forget that this skirt version turns the shirt upside down, so if your T-shirt will look weird upside down then don't do this version. I think the Beats Antique logo looks fine upside down, so I didn't mind it being flipped. :-)