YIP Snip 6: Dance - Life Balance

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Welcome to YIP Snip! This week's topic is Dance - Life Balance!

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In This Episode:
YIP on Facebook
Blood on the Veil
Hip Expressions Events
Finding Balance in a Dancer's Life

Background Music:

Artist: Phil Thornton - Amazon or
Album: Nexus Tribal
Songs: Ederlezi Trance, The Broadoak Sheik, In The Bubble,  Bay City Shimmy, Duma Sa Duma 

Episode 60: April Rose

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Whassup, YIPpers?? We are back in the game with an awesome interview with April Rose - an alumna of UNMATA and the Bellydance Superstars - AND a special mini-moment with Zoe Jakes! Tammy updates us on what's going on around the web, Mary gives a (somewhat overdue) revue of Tribal Con, and both of them wonder how they managed to mention so many silly video clips in one episode. Hmmm....

Photo by Pixie Vision

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On This Episode:

"Does Your Teacher Have Your Best Interest At Heart?" - Sa'diyya (via Gilded Serpent)
"Reversal of a Policy - Men In Class" - Shay's blog Adventures of a Tribal Dancer
"iPhone make up App...FREE" - Make up and Hair for Dancers (tribe.net)
"Thought for the Week" - Tribal Pilgrims (Sakura Tribal blog)
Dance Walking Fitness with Ben Aaron (youtube.com)
My top three awesome flash mob scenes from Step Up 4: (Who cares about plot?)
 - Restaurant mob (not my favorite dance, really, but I love the song!)
 - Office mob
 - Opening street scene 

Mardi Love and Ela Rogers come to South Florida! (I'm totes going!!!)
Datura Online
Sedona Soul Fire
Sara Beaman at Tribal Con 2013
Sahira at Tribal Con 2013
Amy and Kari being awesome during a soundboard glitch
Jaylee at Tribal Con 2013
"Afterglow" - Phaeleh feat. Soundmouse
Sparrow - "Weight of the World" at Alternacirque
"Jack Sparrow" - The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton
April Rose
Tribal Con
"Critical languages" government grants
"April Rose, Dance documentary"
Suhaila Salimpour
April Rose's "Keeping On" set at Tribal Fest 2012
Gilded Serpent Gig Bag
Aubre Hill
April Rose in "I See You" (The part we talked about starts at about 1:50)
April Rose in "Parasitic" (My favorite part starts at 1:40! Creepy!!)
Los Angeles Bellydance Academy - Stevie Cabaret (a.k.a. Stefanya)
April Rose in her short drum solo with BDSS

April Rose in her super cute stripe-y top! - Photo by Leah Perry

Earth Ships
Yacht rock
Rihanna "Pour It Up" (Money song)
Rihanna "Birthday Cake" (I like this choreo...)
Stina Nordenstam "Little Star"
Woody Guthrie "This Land Is Your Land"
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Savage Lovecast
The Dinner Party Download
Goats Screaming Like Humans
Taylor Swift and the Goats
True Facts About the Seahorse
Yip Yip Aliens from Sesame Street
Skip vonKuske
ElitrickKids (on SoundCloud)
Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique
Extra Action Marching Band

Featured Music:

Album: Set Sail - Amazon or
Artist: Sparrow
Songs: Weight of the World, Bird Song, Set Sail

Album: Tribal Beats, Vol. 3 - Amazon or
Track 1: "Loss" - Skip vonKuske
Track 2: "Rock the Whole Planet" - Fingathing
Track 3: "Eli Saidi" - ElitrickKids

Additional Music:
Album: The Gathering Season - Amazon or
Artist: Solace
Songs: All

YIP Snip 5: Improv

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Welcome to YIP Snip! This week's topic is Improv! (Pre apology for Mary being sick this week!)

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In This Episode:
YIP on Facebook
Ted Talk Video that started this whole discussion!
Thanks again Sara Arrell!
Nadira Jamal Classes
Let me Google that for you!
Hipmix about Improv
Princess Farhana Blog about Improv

Background Music:

Artist: Amon Tobin -Amazon or
Albums: Permutation & Supermodified
Songs: Sordid, Nightlife, People like Frank, Sultan Drops, Slowly, Chocolate Lovely, Keepin' it Steel (The Anvil)

Episode 59: Carol Tandava Henning

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Welcome to over an hour of awesome! This episode features an interview with the fabulous and talented Carol Tandava Henning! A bellydancer with a strong theater background, Carol Tandava has been taking her one woman show - "Blood on the Veil" - around the country to rave reviews!! (Well, Tammy and I are raving about it, in any case!) Mary also catches up on her bellydance magazine reading and Tammy bemoans her lack of Twitter followers (we're looking at you, Princess Farhana!).

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In This Episode:
"Creating a Healthy Belly Dance Community" by Princess Farhana
Follow Tammy on Twitter! (LOL!!)
Lotus Dance Studio (Alina's school)
Driving the Saudis - Purchase on Amazon
Fuse Magazine
Akasha Afsana - Craft Creations (my fave part of Fuse!)
Meagan Mayada Hesham
Randee Ryder-Ahrens
Thalia del Fuego - DVD reviews on Amazon
Sara Haase (a.k.a. Contrapposto) on DeviantART
Onca O'Leary
John Compton
Melissa Murphey - Bellydance Sheet Music DOT com!!
Ishtar on Facebook
Carol Tandava Henning - Dark Lady Dances (blog)
Blood on the Veil - In San Francisco on April 5th, 2013!! GO BUY A TICKET!!
Tamalyn Dallal - Purchase "They Told Me I Couldn't" on Amazon
Beats Antique

Featured Artists:

Artist: Ishtar - Amazon or
Album: Belly Rock
Songs: Shashkin, Misirlou, Garoon Garoon

Artist: Beats Antique - Amazon or
Album: Contraption Vol. 2
Songs: Crush, Crooked Muse, Bloody Bones

Additional Music:

Album: The Gathering Season by Solace - Amazon or

YIP Snip 4: Solos

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Welcome to YIP Snip! This week's topic is Solos!

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In This Episode:
YIP on Facebook
Lights by Ellie Goulding Remix by Bassnectar - Amazon or
Michelle Obama Arms!
Lacey (Florida Tribal Dance)
Dexter's Theme Song  (Whoa!!! The Ending Theme is awesome!) - Amazon or
Angel Theme Song - Amazon or
Mr Brooks Theme Song - Amazon or
Phoenicia and Fan Veil
Carolena Nericcio Flutters (about 2 mins in, but the whole performance is gorgeous!)
The Choreographer's Notebook: Standard Edition by Julia R. Zay - Amazon  (Oh and I know I said Choreographer incorrectly... wah wah)

Background Music:

Artist: Phil Thornton - Amazon or
Album: Nexus Tribal
Songs: Ederlezi Trance, The Broadoak Sheik, In The Bubble,  Bay City Shimmy, Duma Sa Duma 

YIP Snip 3: Zills

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YIP Snip is back once again! This week's topic is Zills!

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In This Episode:
YIP on Facebook

Mahin's Tweet that started it all!
My original post about Harry Saroyan
Updated post on Saroyan
Simplicity Pattern where the girl's zill is on upside down (1st girl in the picture)
5 ways to Improve your Zill Playing
Intro to Finger Cymbals - Shira.net

Background Music:

Artist: Raquy And The Cavemen - Amazon and
Album: Dust
Songs: All of them!

YIP Snip 2: Personal Practice

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YIP Snip is back for a second episode! Our topic this time is Personal Practice!

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In This Episode:
YIP on Facebook
Laura Stanyer' Holistic Dance Practice

Background Music:

Artist: Vanessa Mae - Amazon and
Album: Choreography
Songs: Tribal Gathering, Roxane's Veil, Moroccan Roll

Episode 58b: Sacramento and Amy Sigil

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This "part b" episode wraps up our Hot Pot adventures and features a really awesome interview with Amy Sigil! She talks about the buildup to their most recent - and already legendary! - Blood Moon event, how she chose her name, and her new coffee table book: Sigil, Ink. Mary and Tammy have a few random comments and another music spotlight, but it's mainly all about Amy! :-) YIP!

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In This Episode:
Check out our Donate button! It's in the upper right hand corner of our page!! 
The Funeral (Sidenote: This is an amazing piece. Stop what you're doing and watch it now. NOW.)
Race Car (NASCAR) piece
Big skirts number
Fashion set
SAIL (The Sail "set" kind of starts at minute 6:45)
Another Unmata choreo that Amy didn't bring up, but that I totally love! - The Marijuana Piece
"Sigil" definition on Wikipedia
"Top Gun" trailer recut
Sigil Ink book promo (the book is out and it is cool!)
Unmata POW DVD
Sweet Snacks - Facebook
David Satori on Facebook
The Adam Roth Project - Facebook, ReverbNation
8tracks mixes by MidnightBlue

Description of Amy's 2013 intensive:
Amy Sigil Presents KINESPHERE: An exploration in limitless space
Exclusively for the epic year of 2013, a dance experience unlike any Sigil has offered before. We're bringing it all to the table baby, because life is short and Art is unmeasured. This one is the Deluxe Package, my friends, including: technique, theory, choreography, Improvisational Tribal Style, games and explorative movement. A moment in the creative mind of Amy Sigil. Available in 2013 and only in select locations.

And because I forgot to put them up for episode a: on the left is my tattoo (Mary) and on the right is Tammy's fabulous tattoo! Awesome! Both of these images are taken from the book Sigil, Ink; originally both pictures were taken by Rodin E. Thanks Rodin! :-) (Tammy's brother took the one that ended up in the book. Thanks Anthony!)

Featured Artist:

Album: Arabic Percussion - Amazon or
Artist: Mario Kirlis presents Matias Hazrum
Songs: Electronic Dream, Baladi Sangaran, Tribal Song

Additional Music:

Artist: Middle Earth Ensemble - Amazon or
Album: Middle Earth Ensemble
Songs: Ya Gameel, Mudejar, Shaskin, Ya Mustafa

Featured Instrument Music:

#1: Indian Tabla
"Khandam - a Sequence of Five" from Talking Tabla by Bikram Ghosh - Amazon or

#2: Oud
"Mevlevi Cheti" from The Oud: Music of the Near and Middle East by Aram Gulezyan - Amazon or

#3: Indian Tabla
"Drut Teentala" from Talking Tabla by Bikram Ghosh - Amazon or

Unmata ITS classes with Mary or Tammy:
Mary: Check the class schedule at Florida Tribal Dance to see if classes are in session!
Tammy: Contact for private lessons via the YIP email (email@yippodcast.com)!

YIP Snip 1: New Years Resolutions

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What is this thing?  A YIP Snip?  Whhhhaaaatttt????  These will be special 10-15 minute episodes that cover one topic.  We will put these out in between regular YIP episodes.  Basically we want more YIP in your ear... don't you?  In this first episode we talk New Years resolutions!

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In This Episode:
YIP on Facebook
New Years Resolution Tips
New Years Resolution Worksheet

Background Music:

Artist: Raquy and the Cavemen - Amazon and Dust - Raquy and the Cavemen
Album: Dust
Songs: Dust

Artist:  Various - Amazon and Muse Melodic - Various Artists
Album: Muse Melodic
Songs: Magreb, Wayward

Artist:  Various - Amazon and Monsoon Wedding (Original Music Soundtrack) - Mychael Danna
Album: Monsoon Wedding Soundtrack
Songs: Fuse Box - Alexkid's Dub Remix

Episode 58a: Sacramento and Hot Pot

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Hey YIPpers! We are BACK! From outer space! We just danced in and saw you there (listening to less exciting, less bellydancey podcasts) with that sad look upon your face! Okay, enough of that...IT'S BEEN A WHILE! (Sorry about that...) But we have not "pod faded" (a term that Tammy introduced me to; it's kind of a cute term, but a sad state for any podcast). We just were a bit busy. We return to the virtual airwaves with not one but TWO episodes chronicling our summer adventures in California (yes, last summer, we said it's been a while...DON'T JUDGE). This episode contains one magical music spotlight, a brand new "What's that Instrument?" focus, a few interviews from some Sac Town Hot Pot-ers (Hot Pot = Amy Sigil's studio) and a bunch of random giggling. You're welcome!!

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In This Episode:
Unmata and Hot Pot Studios
YIP on Facebook

Laura Barselou
Onca O'Leary
Organic armor costumes
Sakura Tribal on Facebook - awesome duet video!
Katana (Facebook) - Shiny Pants video!
Wonderland - A Belly Dance Play (YouTube promo video) 
Learn more about the tabla on Wikipedia!
More awesome tabla information

Tabla with a suh-weet pink background!

Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha - Tabla Solo in Jhaptal
Rachel Brice on 8tracks
Midnight Blue on 8tracks
Dark Desert playlist
Richard "Moontan" Jay
"Django Unchained" preview
Raquy and the Cavemen
Unmata in "Pony Play"
Caricature artist Greg Sumbardo
Steve O at Something Wicked Tattoo
Alex Sanchez - Inner Image Ink

Tammy in front of the Capital Building

Tammy walking past the UNmetro and heading towards Hot Pot Studios (forward and to the right)

 The awesome UNmetro

Our new friend Afton and I (Mary) inside Hot Pot Studios. Art all over the walls! Cool, right?

Featured Artist:

Artist: Moontan - Amazon or Odalisca - Moontan
Album: Odalisca
Songs: Corn Flakes, Dharma Salad, Turkmen

Featured Instrument Music: "Tabla Trio in Rupak Taal (Excerpt)" - Track 6 on In Memory of Alla Rakha - The Wizard of Tabla, Vol. 1

Additional Music:

Artist: Greg Ellis - Amazon or Kala Rupa - Explorations In Rhythm - Greg Ellis
Album: Kala Rupa
Songs: Form 8, Form 4, Form 7, Form 9, Form 10