Episode 46: Jeremiah Soto

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After a long break from posting - sorry about that! - YIP is back with a episode featuring an interview with Jeremiah Soto of Solace! The super chill Soto talked to YIP about his music, past and present, creating his own record label and artist rights. Mary shares some of what she's listening to right now, Tammy does the Around Town thing, and both of them act rather silly. It's nice to be back! :-)

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On This Episode:
World Dance New York
Tribal Revival DVD
Mimi Fontana and Manhattan Tribal
Hipmix.net - "Are You On The Belly Dance Bandwagon?"
Shimmies, Sequins and Slippers (Blog by Foxy) - "Fun Friday: Fabulous Fans"
Yallar veil fan dance
Fire Dancers Fan Veil
Beledi Beach Bash (A full weekend of UNMATA awesomeness!!!)
Project Belly Dance - Reality show and competition
Cheeky Girls Productions
The Belly Whisperer (Blog by RetroKali) - One of her Cheeky Girls Happy Drunk reviews!
Michelle Joyce
Ziah and Awalim
Megha Gavin and Devyani
My new favorite "Southern Girl" song!
NAFOURA (Online Bellydance magazine) - Karim Nagi issue
Mahin and the Daily Dance Quickies
The Music Maze - Find new music!
"Create a Combo" bellydance card deck (by Gia)
Solace and Eventide Music Productions
Darbuka Dave Machek
"Tribal fusion" via Wikipedia
Ruben van Rompaey
Beats Antique
Depeche Mode
Bodhrán - Irish frame drum
Stellar Advantage - Bellydance Masters 2011
Jeremiah Soto's Linkin Park remix (left column, about 5/6 of the way down the page...it's groooovy....)
Linkin Park remix contest winner (just in case you were curious and - gah! - I've gotta agree with Jeremiah on this one...I couldn't listen to it all the way through. Mess! :-P)
Phil Meadley's Blog - His music reviews (of other people) - (This is the co-conspirator on Soto's top secret project!!! I like Meadley's stuff; I hope the project comes to fruition! Woot!)
Al Cofrin
Ganga Giri
What's a didgeridoo?
Didgeridoo Down Under

Around Town:
June 17-19 (Penbroke Pines, FL) Lotus Dance Studio presents Tribal Solstice V. Workshops with Alicia, Anasma, Bozenka, and Daniela.
June 23-26 (Orlando, FL) Stellar Advantage presents Bellydance Masters. Workshops with Mia Sha’uri, Karen Barbee, Silvia Salamanca, and Mohamed Kazafy. Also featuring Jeremiah Soto!
June 25-26 (Orlando, FL) Bellywood Studios presents Bellywood Extravaganza Variety Show. Workshops with Ansuya.
July 9-10 (Orlando, FL)YIP Podcast is proud to present Propapalooza: A YIP Anniversary Affair! This will include a hafla (made for our local listeners as those... well... not so local!) AND 2 workshops with DeAnna Freeman and Phoenicia! Mary says, "OMG!! You should all come to our event!!! YIP!!!"

Featured Artists:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Gorgon Days - Solace
Album: Gorgon Days
Songs: A Beautiful Death, Contemplative Invalid, Full Blown Stutter

Artist: Ganga Giri - Amazon or Ganga Giri
Album: Tribe Vibe
Songs: Nungabunda, Carawonga, The Crow

Additional Music:

Album: Flamenco Arabe - Amazon or Flamenco Arabe - HOSSAM RAMZY, RAFA EL TACHUELA
Artist: Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela
Songs: Silk Route Suite - Egyptian, Zambra Por Nadejda, Rafaga De Viento, Ahlam Ghernatah, Men Ele Belad, El Amor Perdido, Kebrieaa Samet

Propapalooza Promo!!

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YIP Podcast is officially hosting an event this year! Interested in learning ATS sword work or how to use double fan veils? Come to Propapalooza! For all the details click the purple "Propapalooza" link at the top of the left side bar! Or clickity click right HERE!

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Lots of shameless self-promotion!!! (Not actually a link...)
Email the YIP Crew if you'd like to donate something to the auction!

(Music by Solace)