Shimmy Cove Catch Up #2

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It's time to get back in the Shimmy Cove swing of things! Get ready for new episodes by listening to some old ones! And just so you don't have to wade through and find the episodes yourself we've helpfully edited them together for your listening pleasure. Brace yourself for more kuchied hips of deceit!!

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Guest Actors in Order of Appearance:

Carolena Nericcio as Jan the Cop and Megha Gavin as Claudia the Cop
Carol as Patella
Hera as Fancy and Jewels as Free
Jessica as Elise
Lacey Sanchez as Nadine/Jaded and Alex Sanchez as The Officer

Episode 36: Lisa and Kristina

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This week the YIP Crew chat it up with Lisa and Kristina from the Elements of Dance studio in Sanford, Florida! They're smart! They're silly! They rival Tammy and Mary for how much they like to talk! (Brace yourselves...) Mary talks magazines, Tammy talks videos, and we hear some awesome music - recommended by everyone's favorite accordion player, August Hoerr!

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On This Episode:
Elements of Dance
Ariellah in Black and White
Bellydance Paladin (Asharah's Blog) - "Chromosomes, justice, and art."
Athletic male dancer at Tribal Fest 2010 (Frank Farinaro)
Arish Lam
YALLAH Bellydance Magazine
Zaghareet Bellydance Magazine
Shape Magazine and Marisa Tomei's hooping workout
PURE Orlando
Double Rainbow video (also check out the Auto-Tuned version)
Geography game
Anthony Bourdain
"Bellydance: Orientalism, Transnationalism, and Harem Fantasy" - Purchase on Amazon
Facebook Book Club tribe - "On abandoning the mistakes of the past..."
August Hoerr
David Starfire
Phil Thornton
Shoghaken Ensemble
Orlando Bellydance
C.A.R.D. - Cure for Autism and Related Disorders

Around Town:

August 19-22
Grapevine, TX Yaa Halla Y'all 10 - workshops with Princess Farhana, Amy Sigil, Kaeshi Chai, Bozenka, Karim Nagi, and more!
August 22-29 Pura Vida, Costa Rica 5th Annual Belly Dance Yoga Retreat with Rachel Brice.
August 27-29 St. Petersburg, FL Hip Expressions presents Tribal Burn - workshops with Lacey Sanchez, Evelyn Tosi, Abby Albaum, Daniela Adriennesen, and more!

Featured Artists:

Album: Tribal Beats 2 - Amazon or Tribal
Artists and Songs:
David Starfire - "Sitarfire"
Shoghaken Ensemble - "Shatakhi Dzernapar"
Transkapela Klezmer - "Old-Time Sirba"

Album: Reveries - Amazon or Reveries
Artist: Maduro
Songs: Poison Drop, Unbroken, Qanundrum

Additional Music:

Artist: Deep Forest - Amazon or Deep
Album: Boheme - Pacifique - Deep Forest
Songs: Deep Folk Song - Pacifique, Night Village, La Baiser, Moon Light - The First Twilight