Shimmy Cove Catch Up #1

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It's our first quarterly Shimmy Cove Summary! Every 3 months (roughly) we'll be posting all of the Shimmy Cove segments from the previous 12 episodes. The guest actor introductions have been trimmed from each segment, but a complete list of guest voices (including Amy and Sarah from UNMATA!) are listed below. Want to help develop the story? Post suggestions on our tribe; your idea may make it into the script!

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Guest Actors in Order of Appearance:
Makeup Maven Laura as Nadine
Jody from Beachcombers (Glass bangles and Indian accessories) as Nadine
Melanie LaJoie of A Magi Dance Company as Nadine
Manly Improv Dancer Matt as The Doctor
Amy and Sarah of UNMATA as Tiffany and Dawna
Bethany as Deputy Clarity Morgan/Chaos
Belda Stack as Nadine
Debbie as Maude Farquart
Anna Nummelin of Lotus Dance Studio as Maude Farquart


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