Episode 31: Breast Cancer and the Bellydancer

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This week YIP features an interview with Johanna Krynytzky from Hip Expressions Bellydance Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida. Diagnosed several years ago with breast cancer, Johanna found her (insurance-less) self struggling not only with her health, but also with mounting medical costs. And in the midst of this crisis the bellydance community swooped in to bolster her spirits and her pocketbook! (As inspirational stories go, this is a doozy; I got goosebumps during the interview!) The YIP Crew would like to thank Johanna for her honesty and her willingness to share her story with our listeners.

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"And the Winner Is.."
"Raks Shamadan..."
Ford Fiesta Movement (Go Dan!)
Mark Baratelli'a blog - The Daily City
ATSGSTT tribe - "Class Dress Code?" (This is currently a private tribe; apologies if you cannot access it. If you're a FCBD General Skills graduate you are eligible to join! Feel free to message us!)
Too Much Drama To Dance tribe - "Pouting!"
Armoire Awards tribe - "I Don't Get It" (It turns out I *have* seen this video and take comfort in that it is being performed - I sincerely hope - at a student show.)
The Everyday Bellydancer tribe - "What Is Your Favorite Belly Dance Website?"
Morocco's Website - Click on "Articles" for some really cool stuff!
Shira's Website
Sandra's Website (raks-sharki.com) - Check out her gorgeous gallery!
Turbo Tabla
Hip Expressions Bellydance Studio
Gulf Coast Oncology Associates
Northeast Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Inc - Dr. Princess Benson
Parabens and Breast Cancer (Wikipedia)

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May 12-16 Sebastopol, CA Tribal Fest 10 - workshops with Rachel Brice, Amy Sigil, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Suhaila Salimpour, Tempest, Ariellah, Carolena Nericcio and SO MANY MORE!!!
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May 28-31 Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Spirit of the Tribe 10 - workshops with Ariellah, Amy Sigil, Shakra, Bozenka, John Compton, and many more!
May 28-31 Atlanta, GA A Weekend with the Stars of Bellydance & Bollywood - workshops with Tito Seif, Kaeshi Chai, DaVid of Scandinavia, Ahava, Amalia Maya, and Karim Nagi.

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Artist: Turbo Tabla - Amazon or Turbo Tabla
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Episode 30: Lisa Myers

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This week the YIP Crew bring you an interview with Lisa Myers all the way from Melbourne!!! (Florida, not Australia...) Tammy gets a bee in her bonnet about modern dance and Mary gets a little too excited about dabke! (If that's even possible!?!?!!!!)

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Palestinian Dabke
Dabke on Wikipedia!
FatChance Bellydance
Gypsy Caravan
Migration CD - Amazon or Gypsy Caravan - Migration
Kajira and BlackSheep Bellydance
Melanie LaJoie and A Magi Bellydance
Arabian Nights in Orlando, FL
Festival on the Nile
Mike Gregian - random video of him singing/playing drum in a band
What is a Rababa? (Wikipedia will tell us!!!)
Raquy Danziger
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson on Turkish TV

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April 21-25 Toronto, Canada IBCC 2010 an annual Belly Dance Conference. Instructors include Jillina, Sera Solstice, Amel Tafsout, and Delilah and many more.
April 23-25 Hillsboro, OR Saqra's Belly Dance Showcase- workshops with Saqra, Aviva Khadra, Jane Archer, David Metz and more.
April 28-May 2 Somerset, NJ Spring Caravan-featuring Heather Stants, Suhaila Salimpour, Mimi Fontana, Tempest, and Sera Solstice.
April 29 - May 2 Golden, CO Elevation 2010-featuring Unmata, Mezmer Society, Zafira, Rachel Brice, and Ziah.

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Let's all Debke!
Song #1: "Dabke II (Dance With Mijwiz)" - Amazon or Mohamad Fawaz - Arabic Folk Dances: Egypt, Liban, Yemen, Algeria, Tunis, Morocco - Dabke II (Dance With Mijwiz) [Liban]
Mohamad Fawaz, Arabic Folk Dances

Song #2: "Takasem Sharky + Dabka Lobnany" - Amazon or Pyramedia Presents - Yalla Belly Dance Hits - Takasem Sharky + Dabka Lobnany
Yalla Belly Dance Hits

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