Episode 30: Lisa Myers

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This week the YIP Crew bring you an interview with Lisa Myers all the way from Melbourne!!! (Florida, not Australia...) Tammy gets a bee in her bonnet about modern dance and Mary gets a little too excited about dabke! (If that's even possible!?!?!!!!)

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On This Episode:
Palestinian Dabke
Dabke on Wikipedia!
FatChance Bellydance
Gypsy Caravan
Migration CD - Amazon or Gypsy Caravan - Migration
Kajira and BlackSheep Bellydance
Melanie LaJoie and A Magi Bellydance
Arabian Nights in Orlando, FL
Festival on the Nile
Mike Gregian - random video of him singing/playing drum in a band
What is a Rababa? (Wikipedia will tell us!!!)
Raquy Danziger
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson on Turkish TV

Around Town:
April 21-25 Toronto, Canada IBCC 2010 an annual Belly Dance Conference. Instructors include Jillina, Sera Solstice, Amel Tafsout, and Delilah and many more.
April 23-25 Hillsboro, OR Saqra's Belly Dance Showcase- workshops with Saqra, Aviva Khadra, Jane Archer, David Metz and more.
April 28-May 2 Somerset, NJ Spring Caravan-featuring Heather Stants, Suhaila Salimpour, Mimi Fontana, Tempest, and Sera Solstice.
April 29 - May 2 Golden, CO Elevation 2010-featuring Unmata, Mezmer Society, Zafira, Rachel Brice, and Ziah.

Featured Music:

Let's all Debke!
Song #1: "Dabke II (Dance With Mijwiz)" - Amazon or Mohamad Fawaz - Arabic Folk Dances: Egypt, Liban, Yemen, Algeria, Tunis, Morocco - Dabke II (Dance With Mijwiz) [Liban]
Mohamad Fawaz, Arabic Folk Dances

Song #2: "Takasem Sharky + Dabka Lobnany" - Amazon or Pyramedia Presents - Yalla Belly Dance Hits - Takasem Sharky + Dabka Lobnany
Yalla Belly Dance Hits

Song #3: "Dabke" - Amazon or Bassam Ayoub - Wen Alsafar Waddak - Dabke
Bassam Ayoub, Wen Alsafar Waddak

Artist: Scott Wilson - Amazon or Scott Wilson - Efendi the Mid-east Music of Scott Wilson
Album: Efendi - the Mid-east Music of Scott Wilson
Songs: Chifti-telli, Erev Shel, Belly Dance Show Part A

Additional Music:

Artist: Beth Quist - Amazon or Beth Quist - Shall We Dance
Album: Shall We Dance
Songs: Finale, Survival, Monarch Dance, Evil Grid


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