Episode 57: The Fabulous Na'La!

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Whoa! Get ready for some awesome! For this episode Na'La from Shakra joins the YIP Crew in studio! We all learn about the oud, Tammy shares her secret for happy feet (super sweet dance shoes, that's what!), Mary shares some Na'La-approved music and there's more giggling than usual! (I know....scary!!!)

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On This Episode:

Tammy's sweet dance sneakers!

DIY/Bellydance on a Budget (tribe.net) - "Glue?"
Shira.net tribe (tribe.net) - "Is It Good for Business?"
Hipmix.net - Dilara's Diary - "Hi, I'm Dilara Sultan, and I don't approve of this message"
Shira.net tribe (tribe.net) - "Forgiving bad dancers and teachers?"
Princess Farhana (blog) - "Dancing Through Pain and Physical Limitation, Part Two"
So You Think You Can Dance - Janelle Issis
Sadie - Awesome video of Sadie being awesome!
Deep Roots Dance
Jill Parker
Valley of the Jolly Green Giant
Cues and Tattoos
Udjat Beats & Belly Dancing
Shula Azhar Belly Dance Divas
Tribal Solstice
Geisha Moth
Sakura Tribal (blog) - "Mishaps and Mayhem!"


The oud - legend of the creation 

Dobby (Harry Potter)

Melanie Moore - "Cracks" solo from So You Think You Can Dance
Ellie Goulding
Na'La on Facebook
Office Space Milton (red stapler)
Heather Stants (Urban Tribal Dance Company)
Amy Sigil - UNMATA
Donna Mejia
Mira Betz
Tjarda and The Uzume Dance Company
Sera Solstice
Carolena Nericcio
Gothic Bellydance - Revelations Shakra's Industrial Strength Dance Workout DVD The Daily Show
Clip of TURKU featuring the Ghawazee Dancers (did you spot Olivia Kissel?)
SCA - Society for Creative Anachronism
Rusted Root
Never give up! Never surrender!

Around Town:
There is not an Around Town on this episode, however you can Join our Email List and find out everything currently going on!

Oud Music:
1. "Oud Taksim" by The Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club of Zanzibar
2. "Oud Taqsim" by Kara Nomadica
3. "Taksim" by John Berberian
4. "Azziza" by John Berberian
End credits: "Siseler" by John Berberian

Featured Artists:

First set:
1. "Cracks" by Freestylers (Flux Pavilion remix) - Amazon or Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix) [feat. Belle Humble] - UKF Dubstep 2010
2. "Lights" by Ellie Golding (Bassnectar remix) - Amazon or Lights (Bassnectar Remix) - Lights (The Remixes), Pt. 1 - EP
3. "Timestretch" by Bassnectar - Amazon or Timestretch - Timestretch

Second set: All songs by Rusted Root - Amazon or Rusted Root
Song 1: "Agbadza" (off the album Rusted Root)
Songs 2/3:  "Drum Trip" and "Back to the Earth" (off the album When I Woke)

Additional Music:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Solace
Album: Gorgon Days
Songs: Full Blown Stutter, Blind in One Eye
Album: Nagari
Songs: Coveting Bes, Bain of Desire, Sorrow & Veil, Serpent's Kiss, Strange Flesh, Death in Sin, End of Religion

Artist: Shiva in Exile - Amazon or Shiva In Exile
Album: Nour
Songs: We're All One

Episode 56: Maria GimmeShimmy!

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On this episode of YIP we meet the fabulous Maria Gimmeshimmy!! Avidly interested in dancing with snakes and being covered in body paint, she's also a mom, a photographer, a musician's muse, and a working bellydance artist. (She also has a very sweet radio voice, just wait and see...well, listen...) We'll also talk super briefly about: an upcoming one woman bellydance show (more on that in a few episodes), funny stuff tribal dancers say, and how successful Mary was at stalking some YIP listeners! So don't touch that dial!!!

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On This Episode:
Blood on the Veil (Facebook) - Stage Left Studio in New York
PURE Orlando
Michelle Joyce - "Pop Lock & Shimmy" DVD on Amazon
Bikram yoga
Shimmy in the Spirit of the Dance
Nourhan Sharif - Sharif Wear
Joharah and BellyUp
Sh*t Tribal Fusion Belly Dancers Say
Monty Python - Nudge nudge (If you know what I mean...)
Whose Line Is It Anyway? - If you know what I mean...
I'm good enough and I'm smart enough.... (Stuart Smalley)
8 Elements with Rachel Brice
Cues and Tattoos
Florida Tribal Dance
Review of Lacey's Cues and Tattoos class - by Rebecca Slingwine
Collective Soul (Gypsy Caravan)
Unmata and Hot Pot
3-2-1 Contact
The Walking Dead
April Rose at 3rd Coast Tribal
Skip Von Kuske
Copper Clock at the Skinny Dip "Vogue Noir" show
Katana at the Grab Bag Burlesque show
Heather Labonte dance (blog) - dancing at the Dark Salon
Maria GimmeShimmy - Facebook

Maria la Sirena pics:

Medusa and snake pics:

Matt Phoenix (Facebook)
Harri Kakoulli

CD Covers:

Santorini Taverna
Suhaila Salimpour
Solace (Jeremiah Soto)
DumTek (app for iPhones)
Ensemble Al-Asdeka
Middle-Earth Ensemble

Around Town:
July 14-15 (Atlanta, GA) Crossroads and Origins - workshops and discussions with Donna Mejia, Lee Ali, and Rina Orellana. Full weekend passes available only.
July 15-22 (Pueblo, CO) Music and Dance Camp Colorado - workshops with Molly of Tribaltique, Phoenix, Jesse of Sherefe and more!
July 19-22 (NYC, NY) Caron Tandava Henning presents Blood on the Veil at Stage Left Studio
July 20-22 (St Petersburg, FL) Tribal Burn - workshops with Johanna, Lacey, Greywolf and more!
July 28-29 (Orlando, FL) A Magi Bellydance and American Belly Dance Club join to bring you workshops with Hossam Ramzy and Serena! This is not to be missed!

Featured Artists:

Artist: Skip Von Kuske - Amazon or Intuit - Skip vonKuske
Album: Intuit
Songs: Deep Earth, Loss, Intuit

Artist: Solace - Amazon or The Thorn Campaign - Solace
Album: The Thorn Campaign
Songs: Entrenched Psychosis, Flesh Will Fail, Beggars Lullaby

Additional Music:

Artist: Ensemble Al-Asdeka - Amazon or Ensemble Al-Asdeka - Ensemble Al-Asdeka
Album: Oasis
Songs: Lake of Clouds, Dance of the Tamir Agha, La Roza Linda, Noches

Artist: Middle Earth Ensemble - on Middle-Earth Ensemble - Middle-Earth Ensemble or Amazon
Album: Middle Earth Ensemble
Songs: Mudejar, Isaac and Ishmael

Episode 55: Troupe Zahara and SamiTe'

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On this episode of YIP we give you not one, but TWO fabulous interviews. Ta da!!!! I know. We're awesome. First we meet the frisky ladies of Troupe Zahara and then we are entertained and amazed by the faaabulous SamiTe'! The YIP Crew share their picks for Bhangra hits and classic bellydance music and there is much hilarity had by all!

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On This Episode:
Princess Farhana (blog) - "Please Welcome to the Stage..."
Maria GimmeShimmy - Orlando performer and teacher
Tempest's Teapot (blog) - "Concrete" vs "Abstract", Dance and Model Airplanes
YIP Podcast on Facebook
Coco la Framboise
Letters from Kit
Club Bellydance (BDSS thing)
Flamenco Tammy - Flamenco Del Sol
Shimmy Knights
Sabrina Fox (Facebook)
Stefanya (Facebook) - picture of rockin' lace dress!
My Fitness Pal
Sewing on Turkoman buttons (tribe.net)
Florida Tribal Dance
8track.com - Rachel Brice (a.k.a. Arbibi) mixes
"Rollin" - Diplo
"Tommy's Theme" - Noisia
Gurbhej Brar (Facebook)
Jassi Sidhu
Jaswant Heera - listen to the entire song "Nach Ke" on Youtube.com
Troupe Zahara performing in Tampa, FL
Spatula City! (UHF clip)
Dancing With A Spatula Wand (The Blue Faerie) - "My body, my castle and a bunny"
Deep Roots Dance Blog (Shay Moore) - "YIP Podcast - John Compton!", "Class Ettiquette 'Rules'"
Miramar - "10 Golden Rules to Dance By"
Khan el-Khalili 

That daring young man on the flying trapeze...

Featured Artists:

Album: Bhangra Dance Hits - Amazon or Bhangra Dance Hits - Various Artists
Song #1: "Paun Boliyan" by Gurbhej Brar
Song #2: "Putt Jatt Da" by Jassi Sidhu
Song #3: "Nach Ke" by Jaswant Heera

Album: Virginia Presents Khan Al Khalili - Amazon or Virginia Presents Khan Al Khalili - Al-Ahram Orchestra
Artist: Al-Ahram Orchestra
Songs: Saidi Rara, Atshan Taala Shrab, Raghed

Additional Music:

Album: Kara Nomadica - Amazon or Kara Nomadica - Kara Nomadica
Artist: Kara Nomadica
Songs: Hashashiyyin, Ottoman Lobotomy, Arainia

Artist: Indidginus - Amazon or Indidginus
Songs: "Nimbus" from Kaleidoscope, "Machu" from Align

Album: Reclaimed Property, Vol. 2 - Amazon or Reclaimed Property Volume 2 - Kalabi
Artist: Kalabi
Songs: A Small Trip, Sacharissa