Episode 51: Olivia Kissel

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This episode brings the melodious voice of Olivia Kissel to your very own living room! Or car...or iPod...or what-have-you...anyway, she's awesome! You're going to love her! Tammy relays some shocking (SHOCKING) news to me (you all probably knew about it ages ago...I'm always the last to know!), I recommend some music and Tammy talks about some super cool upcoming events!

Note: I interviewed Olivia in February of this year (2011) and since then Zafira (her troupe) has disbanded to pursue adventures as soloists. :-)

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On This Episode:
Olivia Kissel
Potential Cast
Twin Peaks Podcast
Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland (Joss Whedon stuff) - Episode with Tammy!
Deep Roots Dance (Shay Moore's blog - formerly Double Take Bellydance) - "Doing vs. Teaching"
Princess Farhana (blog) - "One Zill Up"
Gilded Serpent Article concerning Dallas Observer faux pas
Ozma's awesome response to the Dallas Observer article
Dallas Observer's apology on FB
Ghawazi Caravan
Ghawazi Caravan at Earth Spirit Festival
Ghawazi Caravan performing at the Evernight Gothic Bellydance Event
Carolena N. and Devi M. duet (yummy!)
Rachel Brice's music mix
Eskmo (a.k.a. Brendan Angelides) - Facebook page
Cold November Rain by Guns N' Roses
John Hodgman on The Daily Show
Unmata at Tribal Fest (the fight section starts just after the 11:30 minute mark)
Eclipse Fusion performs to "Trust In Me"
Cracked Pot on Facebook
Basement Jaxx

Around Town:
November 26th (Orlando, FL) Orlando PURE presents PURE Reflections: Beauty Reimagined. It is a multimedia dance-theater show exploring and challenging concepts of beauty and body image, in particular, the negative influence of unrealistic media images on our view of ourselves and each other, and how our practice of dance in a supportive community creates a healing environment to foster positive feelings about our bodies.
December 10-11 (San Luis Obispo, CA) Tribal Fusion Faire - workshops withAmel Tafsout, Tempest, Seba, and more.

Featured Artists:

Artist: Eskmo - Amazon or Eskmo - Eskmo
Album: Eskmo
Songs: We Got More, Become Matter Soon For You, Moving Glowstream

Artist: Basement Jaxx - Amazon or Zephyr - Basement Jaxx
Album: Zephyr
Songs: Peace of Mind, Hip Hip Hooray,

Additional Music:

Artist: Ensemble Al Asdeka - Amazon or Ensemble Al-Asdeka - Ensemble Al-Asdeka
Album: Oasis
Songs: La Roza Linda, Dance of the Tamir Agha, Lake of Clouds, Noches

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Opium Head - Solace
Album: Opium Head
Songs: Bol Two, Weeping Tree, Sleeping Sober

Song: The Syncopated Clock - Amazon or The Syncopated Clock (Reader's Digest) - Leroy Anderson: Greatest Hits
Artist: Arthur Fieldler and the Boston Pops Orchestra
Album: Leroy Anderson: Greatest Hits

Song: Dragnet Theme Song - Amazon or 50 Classic TV Themes - Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra
Artist: Soundtrack and Theme Orchestra
Album: TV Themes: Classic Police and Detective

Song: Sexy and I Know it - Amazon or Sexy and I Know It - Sorry for Party Rocking
Artist: LMFAO
Album: Sorry for Party Rocking

Episode 50: Heather Stants

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This episode of YIP brings you the wonderfully serene and fantastically funny (yeah, you heard me!) Heather Stants! The fab H.S. talks about her journey to dance, her movement philosophy and her love of yoga! YIP Podcast Executive Producer - Dan - steps in to help out with the interview, Mary (that's me) get's lazy (again) and indulges herself with a soooo non-traditional mix of music, Tammy keeps everything moving along, and we all live happily ever after! Yay!

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On This Episode:
Check out more from our executive producer (Dan) on his podcast Radio Rickshaw
"Darkness Falls" trailer - Yech....creepy Tooth Fairy movie
"Tattoo Adventure of a Tribal Farmgirl" by Paulette Rees-Denis
Makeup and Hair for Dancers (tribe.net) - "Hair for a VERY hot day!"
The Belly Whisperer
Tempest's Teapot - "FYI - MIA"
Beats Antique video "Revival"
I couldn't remember right off where I got "fer sure!" from...but this SNL skit was it!
Blood Out
The Kentuckiana Middle Eastern Dance Review - "Confessions of a Belly Dance Hoarder..."
Tribal Pilgrims - "Video of the Week - Pedralta World Fusion Bellydance"
Watch "The LXD" on Hulu
Cali Swag District - "Teach Me How to Dougie" - Glee actors teach you how to dougie
Take That (Official Website)
Kelis - "Milkshake" video - "Bounce" video (Calvin Harris feat. Kelis)
"Sucker Punch" trailer
Radio Bastet
Urban Tribal Dance Company - "66 Meters" (by Indian Ropeman) Performance
Florida Tribal Dance
Stephanie Barto of Read My Hips
"What is Tribal Style Bellydance" A short documentary
The Tribal Massive
Dana Rae Pare of Infinite Yoga
Nauli (yoga exercise)
The Glitch Mob

Around Town:
There is not an Around Town on this episode, however you can Join our Email List and find out everything currently going on!

Featured Artists:

Mary's Trio of Self-Indulgence...
Song #1: "Teach Me How to Dougie" by Cali Swag District - on Teach Me How to Dougie - EP - Cali Swag District or Amazon
Song #2: "Love Love" by Take That - on Amazon
Song #3: "Bounce" by Calvin Harris feat. Kelis - on Bounce (feat. Kelis) - Single - Calvin Harris or Amazon

Artist: The Glitch Mob - on Drink The Sea - The Glitch Mob or Amazon
Album: Drink the Sea
Songs: Bad Wings, Fortune Days, Drive It Like You Stole It

Additional Music:

Artist: Middle Earth Ensemble - on Middle-Earth Ensemble - Middle-Earth Ensemble or Amazon
Album: Middle Earth Ensemble
Songs: Ya Gameel, Oud Taqsim, Shatty Ya Dinny, Mudejar, Moroccan Roll, Ya Mustafa, Isaac and Ishmael

Episode 49: Majda Anwar

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This week YIP is back with a slightly longer-than-usual episode...we just couldn't stop talking! This week's show also brings you the insights of Majda Anwar, dancer and teacher extraordinaire! Your YIP Crew also finally chats about how Propapalooza went, Tammy gets nostalgic about pregnancy, Mary talks up a truly awesome UK band and throughout the entire show HILARITY ENSUES!! Well...we had fun, anyway... :-P

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On This Episode:
Bellydance Health, Fitness and Anatomy (tribe.net) - "Laybacks and neck pain"
The Belly Whisperer (blog) - "Preggo Bellydancing"
Tempest's Teapot (blog) - "Gathering Muses"
Shira.net (tribe.net) - "Your Smart Phone and Dance"
ATS (tribe.net) - "Which troupes do you draw inspiration from?"
Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance
Silver Wolf Clan
Red Lotus Bellydance
Ujbaba Tribal (YouTube channel)
Ghawazi Caravan
Belly Dance Troupe Name Generator
Carovana Tribale - This links to their blog, which is in Italian (fyi)
Persephone Dance Company - Video of Tribal Fest 2010
Ray Dowler (Drummer)
FatChance BellyDance video (coolio floorwork part starts at 6:15-ish)
Double Take Bellydance - "Tomboy to Tribal Diva? A Workshop Review..."
The Bellydance Blog - "a bit of (con)fusion!"
Tribal Pilgrims (blog) - "Arcomnia"
If you gals/guys haven't seen the movie "Clue" you totally should! Hiiiilarious!
Arcomnia band member's piano and didge shop - Pied Piper Pianos
Arcomnia homepage!!! They got a website since we first heard about them! Yay!
1. Go to the Merchandise page
2. Reach band member Graham by clicking on the "alternative payment" option
3. Enjoy your CDs, because they are AWESOME!!!
Lotus Dance Studio
Majda Anwar
The Day Late and Dollar Shortkestra (Facebook)
Yasmina Ramzy - Professional Dance Course
Arabesque Dance Company
Dr. George Sawa - Music Appreciation for Bellydance
10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know (CD) - Buy on Amazon
Colors of Enchantment (book by Sherifa Zuhur) - buy on Amazon
Images of Enchantment (book by Sherifa Zuhur) -buy on Amazon
Live streaming bits from Propapalooza
Leigh Ammon (FCBD sister studio)
Melodic Mousai performance (YouTube)
Johanna and Hip Expressions
KarieSue Creations
Lisa Stern - Jewelry Business - Trademark Equestrian Center of Apopka
Laura Barselou - Contact her for a makeup consultation!
Beachcomber's Bazaar - Get your sparkle and henna on!
FlipS!de Creations (by Tara) - Etsy store
SAK Comedy Lab
Kit "from Canada" McAllister
Naima of Naima's Bellydance Blog - Here's the necklace she donated (and made herself!)
Urban ReThink
The Virgin Olive Market
The Center for Contemporary Dance
DeAnna Freeman

Around Town:
September 8-11 (Las Vegas, NV) Bellydance Intensive and Festival featuring Ariellah, Christina King, Jill Parker and more!
September 23-25 (Birmingham, AL) Devyani is hosting Colleena Shakti.
September 23-25 (London, UK) Shimmy in the City featuring workshops with Jillina, Anasma,Khaled, and more.

Featured Artist:

Artist: ARCOMNIA - Purchase both albums here!

Album #1: Arcomnia
Songs: Kyrie, Andro, Sama

Album #2: Star of the Sea
Songs: Salva Nos/Puer Natus, Romuald's Return, Morena Me Llaman

Additional Music:

Solace - The Gathering Season - Solace or Amazon
Album: The Gathering Season
Songs: Huda, Harvest Moon, Eyes Like Cats, Aenaem, Hujayni, Saaba, Sudan

Episode 48: Sherri Wheatley

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This episode of YIP features the fab Sherri Wheatley! Tune in to hear her talk about her tribal roots, her feelings on fusion and why time away from bellydance can be a good thing! Mary spins some totally sweet tunes (okay, really, they were just edited in, but Mary thinks being a DJ would be cool) and Tammy gets us ready for some awesome upcoming events!! And...there's a lot of nonsense and giggling. You know. The usual.

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Or Listen Here:

On This Episode:
Sherri Wheatley
Teacher Training - FCBD
Beats Antique - Zoe Jakes
Glitter Is My Crack blog (Cool blog for makeup looks and....lots of pics from the Beats Antique/Zoe show!)
Twin Peaks
Gia al Qamar - Create a combo card deck
Lavender wands that Easter made us!!!
The Kentuckiana Middle Eastern Dance Review - "On being challenged"
The Belly Whisperer - "My blog-e-trois"
The Occidental Dancer - "Tattuesday"
Hipmix.net - A-list blogs
National Geographic Photo of the Day - Fave red forest pic!
Janelle Monae - Performance on So You Think You Can Dance
Beach Blanket Bingo
Goldfinger Theme Song - Go Shirley Bassey!
Save Ferris
Urban Tribal Dance Company
Steven Eggers - The Awesome Steven in Action!
Mardi Love - The Fabulous Mardi in Action! Check out those saucy shoulders!
EEMED Promo 2007
Kathleen Crowley
Melodia Designs

Around Town:
August 12-14 (St. Petersburg, FL) Hip Expressions hosting an intensive with Mira Betz.
August 12-14 (Portland, OR) JamBallah Northwest featuring workshops with Suhaila, Amel Tafsout, Darshan, and so many more!
August 13th (Seattle, WA) Hands of Kali is opening their new space, Tin Can Studio! To kick off the grand opening they are having a party featuring Grace Constantine.
August 17-21 (San Francisco, CA) SF Mecca Immersion featuring workshops with Carolena Nericcio, Kami Liddle, Jill Parker, and more.
August 18-21 (Grapevine, TX) Yaa Halla Y’all featuring workshops with Ava Fleming, Moria Chappell, Karim Nagi, and more.
August 19th (Orlando, FL) Jessica Bellydance and Lisa Stern host a benefit for Diane Black. Come support your local dance community.
August 20th (Phoenix, AZ) Mahin presents Completely Classics III – live music and professional performances.
August 20th (Baltimore, MD) Kallisti Tribal will once again be hosting their annual Inappropriate Hafla! I can’t wait to see the videos for this... and as a reminder, no kids under 16 allowed!
September 2-5 (Atlanta, GA) Phoenicia will be teaching at Dragon*Con!
September 2-5 (Miami, FL) Miami Bellydance Convention featuring workshops with Nathalie, Arish Lam, Lacey, and more!
September 8-11 (Las Vegas, NV) Bellydance Intensive and Festival featuring Ariellah, Christina King, Jill Parker and more!

Featured Artists:

Album: The ArchAndroid - Amazon or The ArchAndroid - Janelle Monáe
Artist: Janelle Monae
Songs: Dance or Die, Sir Greendown, Come Alive (The War Of The Roses)

Album: Flamenco Arabe - Amazon or Flamenco Arabe - HOSSAM RAMZY, RAFA EL TACHUELA
Artist: Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela
Songs: Rumbapa, Men El Belad, Silk Route Suite - Egyptian

Additional Music:

Album: Oasis - Amazon or Ensemble Al-Asdeka - Ensemble Al-Asdeka
Artist: Ensemble Al Asdeka
Songs: La Roza Linda, Los Bilbilicos, Dance of the Tamir Agha, Veil Dance, Adio, Jste Bendik, Deceived, Twilight on the Nile, Lake of Clouds

Episode 47: Storm Trouper Victoria and Estelle Shao

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This episode of YIP gives you two fabulous interviews for the price of one!! Victoria of Storm Troupers Bellydance chats about being a UK gal living and dancing in Texas AND the graceful and lovely Estelle Shao from Shanghai shares her words of wisdom on dance and its popularity in China!

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Or Listen Here:

On This Episode:
TheGypsyNet.com - Ansuya's site
Ansuya's Interview with Rachel Brice (I found it! It's really interesting - go watch it!!)
"My Clapping Dilemma" by Brian (Last name? Anyone? Anyone know this cat's last name?)
"YIP!" - Tribal Pilgrims Blog by Sakura Tribal (Cayte and Sarah)
"Put That Record On!" - mini-mention by Sarah of Sakura Tribal (The Gingerbread Bunny Blog)
"Around here we call it Giggle Cast" - Amy at The Right and Kind Reverend Blog
Coverville - Super awesome music podcast with Brian Ibbott
Enta Omri
Sir Richard Bishop - The Freak of Araby (album)
Omar Khorshid
Storm Troupers Bellydance on Facebook
Shira.net tribe - "Workshop instructor bad behavior"
ATS tribe - "Quick level drop"
Calmus Ensemble
Maria Palacio - Take some ATS classes in SC!!
Marcel the Shell With Shoes On
Estelle Shao
Tamalyn Dallal
The Fortune Cookie!!! (according to Wikipedia...)
Middle-Earth Ensemble
Kenny G on Louis Armstrong rant

Around Town
There is not an Around Town on this episode, however you can Join our Email List and find out everything currently going on!

Featured Artists:

Album: The Freak of Araby - Amazon or The Freak of Araby - Sir Richard Bishop
Artist: Sir Richard Bishop
Songs: Enta Omri, Taqasim for Omar, Solenzara

Album: Middle-Earth Ensemble - Amazon or Middle-Earth Ensemble - Middle-Earth Ensemble
Artist: Middle-Earth Ensemble
Songs: Enta Omri, Ya Gameel, Shaskin

Additional Music:

Artist: Mohamed Ali Ensemble - Amazon or The Masters of Bellydance Music - Various Artists
Album: The Masters of Bellydance Music
Song: Enta Omri

Artist: Yo-Yo Ma - Amazon or The Essential Yo-Yo Ma - Yo-Yo Ma
Album: The Essential Yo-Yo Ma
Song: Mido Mountain (Chinese Traditional)

Episode 46: Jeremiah Soto

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After a long break from posting - sorry about that! - YIP is back with a episode featuring an interview with Jeremiah Soto of Solace! The super chill Soto talked to YIP about his music, past and present, creating his own record label and artist rights. Mary shares some of what she's listening to right now, Tammy does the Around Town thing, and both of them act rather silly. It's nice to be back! :-)

Download Episode 46

Or Listen Here:

On This Episode:
World Dance New York
Tribal Revival DVD
Mimi Fontana and Manhattan Tribal
Hipmix.net - "Are You On The Belly Dance Bandwagon?"
Shimmies, Sequins and Slippers (Blog by Foxy) - "Fun Friday: Fabulous Fans"
Yallar veil fan dance
Fire Dancers Fan Veil
Beledi Beach Bash (A full weekend of UNMATA awesomeness!!!)
Project Belly Dance - Reality show and competition
Cheeky Girls Productions
The Belly Whisperer (Blog by RetroKali) - One of her Cheeky Girls Happy Drunk reviews!
Michelle Joyce
Ziah and Awalim
Megha Gavin and Devyani
My new favorite "Southern Girl" song!
NAFOURA (Online Bellydance magazine) - Karim Nagi issue
Mahin and the Daily Dance Quickies
The Music Maze - Find new music!
"Create a Combo" bellydance card deck (by Gia)
Solace and Eventide Music Productions
Darbuka Dave Machek
"Tribal fusion" via Wikipedia
Ruben van Rompaey
Beats Antique
Depeche Mode
Bodhrán - Irish frame drum
Stellar Advantage - Bellydance Masters 2011
Jeremiah Soto's Linkin Park remix (left column, about 5/6 of the way down the page...it's groooovy....)
Linkin Park remix contest winner (just in case you were curious and - gah! - I've gotta agree with Jeremiah on this one...I couldn't listen to it all the way through. Mess! :-P)
Phil Meadley's Blog - His music reviews (of other people) - (This is the co-conspirator on Soto's top secret project!!! I like Meadley's stuff; I hope the project comes to fruition! Woot!)
Al Cofrin
Ganga Giri
What's a didgeridoo?
Didgeridoo Down Under

Around Town:
June 17-19 (Penbroke Pines, FL) Lotus Dance Studio presents Tribal Solstice V. Workshops with Alicia, Anasma, Bozenka, and Daniela.
June 23-26 (Orlando, FL) Stellar Advantage presents Bellydance Masters. Workshops with Mia Sha’uri, Karen Barbee, Silvia Salamanca, and Mohamed Kazafy. Also featuring Jeremiah Soto!
June 25-26 (Orlando, FL) Bellywood Studios presents Bellywood Extravaganza Variety Show. Workshops with Ansuya.
July 9-10 (Orlando, FL)YIP Podcast is proud to present Propapalooza: A YIP Anniversary Affair! This will include a hafla (made for our local listeners as those... well... not so local!) AND 2 workshops with DeAnna Freeman and Phoenicia! Mary says, "OMG!! You should all come to our event!!! YIP!!!"

Featured Artists:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Gorgon Days - Solace
Album: Gorgon Days
Songs: A Beautiful Death, Contemplative Invalid, Full Blown Stutter

Artist: Ganga Giri - Amazon or Ganga Giri
Album: Tribe Vibe
Songs: Nungabunda, Carawonga, The Crow

Additional Music:

Album: Flamenco Arabe - Amazon or Flamenco Arabe - HOSSAM RAMZY, RAFA EL TACHUELA
Artist: Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela
Songs: Silk Route Suite - Egyptian, Zambra Por Nadejda, Rafaga De Viento, Ahlam Ghernatah, Men Ele Belad, El Amor Perdido, Kebrieaa Samet

Propapalooza Promo!!

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YIP Podcast is officially hosting an event this year! Interested in learning ATS sword work or how to use double fan veils? Come to Propapalooza! For all the details click the purple "Propapalooza" link at the top of the left side bar! Or clickity click right HERE!

Download the Promo

Or Listen Here:

On This Brief Promo:
Lots of shameless self-promotion!!! (Not actually a link...)
Email the YIP Crew if you'd like to donate something to the auction!

(Music by Solace)

Episode 45: Jessica Bellydance

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If you like people who tell it like it is then you'll love this episode's guest: Jessica Bellydance!! She's known in the Central Florida area for hosting charity events and being awesome, and soon you'll find her in Portland, OR...because she's moving! (Muy triste!!) During our chat with Jessica she shared her outlook on dance and life, many words of wisdom, and her dance plans for the future! Mary struggles to stay awake on very little sleep (which is the ONLY reason my words were slurring by the end!) and Tammy regales us with a list of awesome up-coming events!

Download Episode 45

Or Listen Here:

On This Episode:

Durrah's Patterns (Including the Ghawazee coat that Tammy made, which you can see below...isn't it cute?? Totally!!!)

Princess Farhana's blog - "Dressing the Part"
Moun of Tunis - Princess Farhana's showcase
YIP Podcast (tribe.net) - "2011 Dance Goals"
Shira.net (tribe.net) - "Expectations of workshop instructors?"
The Right and Kind Reverend (Blog by Amy) - "Defeat the Beast"
Double Take Bellydance (Blog by Shay Moore) - "How to Get Gigs by Cera Byer"
"True Blood" on HBO - If you like vampires, melodrama and nudity you'll love this show...if you don't then, hey, don't judge!! :-)
Enchanted Dream Wear and their Awesome Hair Sticks!!!
Shimmy in the Spirit of the Dance
Mohamed El Hosseny
Darbuka Dave
Megha Gavin
Journey - Don't Stop Believin'
Jessica Bellydance (on Facebook)
Toys for Tots
A Magi
Amy Anthony
Suhaila Salimpour
Neena and Veena
Arminda's Attic
Jamila Salimpour
Rachel George
Alexandra King
Princess Farhana
Arabesque Dance Academy
Rachid Taha
Listener Beate (and Friends) with their Supermarket Dance!

Around Town:
April 7-13 (Birmingham, AL) General Skills and Teacher Traning presented by Carolena Nerricco. This event is brought to you by Deanna of Devyani. (Plus Tammy will be there!!!)
April 29th (Portland, OR)
A full length Theatrical Belly Dance, Tribal, Bollywood and Bhangra Dance Production starring Unmata, Belly Dance Soulfire, and Blue Lotus Dance Co.
April 30th (Seattle, WA) A full length Theatrical Belly Dance, Tribal, Bollywood and Bhangra Dance Production starring Unmata, Belly Dance Soulfire, and Blue Lotus Dance Co.
April 30-May 1 (Orlando, FL) Florida Tribal Dance presents a weekend with Urban Tribal Dance Co. Register for the workshops and pick up your show tickets!

Featured Artists:

Album: Classical Egyptian Dance - Amazon or Classical Egyptian Dance - Essam Rashad
Artist: Essam Rashad
Songs: Journey, Not any Love, Takasim Rast in F

Album: Made in Medina - Amazon or Made In Medina / Olé Olé - Rachid Taha
Artist: Rachid Taha
Songs: Barra Barra, Aie Aie Aie, Medina

Additional Music:

Album: Classical Egyptian Dance - Amazon or Classical Egyptian Dance - Essam Rashad
Artist: Essam Rashad
Songs: Menzaman, Streets of Cairo, Lna Ablak, A Word, Gazal