Episode 48: Sherri Wheatley

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This episode of YIP features the fab Sherri Wheatley! Tune in to hear her talk about her tribal roots, her feelings on fusion and why time away from bellydance can be a good thing! Mary spins some totally sweet tunes (okay, really, they were just edited in, but Mary thinks being a DJ would be cool) and Tammy gets us ready for some awesome upcoming events!! And...there's a lot of nonsense and giggling. You know. The usual.

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On This Episode:
Sherri Wheatley
Teacher Training - FCBD
Beats Antique - Zoe Jakes
Glitter Is My Crack blog (Cool blog for makeup looks and....lots of pics from the Beats Antique/Zoe show!)
Twin Peaks
Gia al Qamar - Create a combo card deck
Lavender wands that Easter made us!!!
The Kentuckiana Middle Eastern Dance Review - "On being challenged"
The Belly Whisperer - "My blog-e-trois"
The Occidental Dancer - "Tattuesday"
Hipmix.net - A-list blogs
National Geographic Photo of the Day - Fave red forest pic!
Janelle Monae - Performance on So You Think You Can Dance
Beach Blanket Bingo
Goldfinger Theme Song - Go Shirley Bassey!
Save Ferris
Urban Tribal Dance Company
Steven Eggers - The Awesome Steven in Action!
Mardi Love - The Fabulous Mardi in Action! Check out those saucy shoulders!
EEMED Promo 2007
Kathleen Crowley
Melodia Designs

Around Town:
August 12-14 (St. Petersburg, FL) Hip Expressions hosting an intensive with Mira Betz.
August 12-14 (Portland, OR) JamBallah Northwest featuring workshops with Suhaila, Amel Tafsout, Darshan, and so many more!
August 13th (Seattle, WA) Hands of Kali is opening their new space, Tin Can Studio! To kick off the grand opening they are having a party featuring Grace Constantine.
August 17-21 (San Francisco, CA) SF Mecca Immersion featuring workshops with Carolena Nericcio, Kami Liddle, Jill Parker, and more.
August 18-21 (Grapevine, TX) Yaa Halla Y’all featuring workshops with Ava Fleming, Moria Chappell, Karim Nagi, and more.
August 19th (Orlando, FL) Jessica Bellydance and Lisa Stern host a benefit for Diane Black. Come support your local dance community.
August 20th (Phoenix, AZ) Mahin presents Completely Classics III – live music and professional performances.
August 20th (Baltimore, MD) Kallisti Tribal will once again be hosting their annual Inappropriate Hafla! I can’t wait to see the videos for this... and as a reminder, no kids under 16 allowed!
September 2-5 (Atlanta, GA) Phoenicia will be teaching at Dragon*Con!
September 2-5 (Miami, FL) Miami Bellydance Convention featuring workshops with Nathalie, Arish Lam, Lacey, and more!
September 8-11 (Las Vegas, NV) Bellydance Intensive and Festival featuring Ariellah, Christina King, Jill Parker and more!

Featured Artists:

Album: The ArchAndroid - Amazon or The ArchAndroid - Janelle MonĂ¡e
Artist: Janelle Monae
Songs: Dance or Die, Sir Greendown, Come Alive (The War Of The Roses)

Album: Flamenco Arabe - Amazon or Flamenco Arabe - HOSSAM RAMZY, RAFA EL TACHUELA
Artist: Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela
Songs: Rumbapa, Men El Belad, Silk Route Suite - Egyptian

Additional Music:

Album: Oasis - Amazon or Ensemble Al-Asdeka - Ensemble Al-Asdeka
Artist: Ensemble Al Asdeka
Songs: La Roza Linda, Los Bilbilicos, Dance of the Tamir Agha, Veil Dance, Adio, Jste Bendik, Deceived, Twilight on the Nile, Lake of Clouds


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