Episode 47: Storm Trouper Victoria and Estelle Shao

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This episode of YIP gives you two fabulous interviews for the price of one!! Victoria of Storm Troupers Bellydance chats about being a UK gal living and dancing in Texas AND the graceful and lovely Estelle Shao from Shanghai shares her words of wisdom on dance and its popularity in China!

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On This Episode:
TheGypsyNet.com - Ansuya's site
Ansuya's Interview with Rachel Brice (I found it! It's really interesting - go watch it!!)
"My Clapping Dilemma" by Brian (Last name? Anyone? Anyone know this cat's last name?)
"YIP!" - Tribal Pilgrims Blog by Sakura Tribal (Cayte and Sarah)
"Put That Record On!" - mini-mention by Sarah of Sakura Tribal (The Gingerbread Bunny Blog)
"Around here we call it Giggle Cast" - Amy at The Right and Kind Reverend Blog
Coverville - Super awesome music podcast with Brian Ibbott
Enta Omri
Sir Richard Bishop - The Freak of Araby (album)
Omar Khorshid
Storm Troupers Bellydance on Facebook
Shira.net tribe - "Workshop instructor bad behavior"
ATS tribe - "Quick level drop"
Calmus Ensemble
Maria Palacio - Take some ATS classes in SC!!
Marcel the Shell With Shoes On
Estelle Shao
Tamalyn Dallal
The Fortune Cookie!!! (according to Wikipedia...)
Middle-Earth Ensemble
Kenny G on Louis Armstrong rant

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Featured Artists:

Album: The Freak of Araby - Amazon or The Freak of Araby - Sir Richard Bishop
Artist: Sir Richard Bishop
Songs: Enta Omri, Taqasim for Omar, Solenzara

Album: Middle-Earth Ensemble - Amazon or Middle-Earth Ensemble - Middle-Earth Ensemble
Artist: Middle-Earth Ensemble
Songs: Enta Omri, Ya Gameel, Shaskin

Additional Music:

Artist: Mohamed Ali Ensemble - Amazon or The Masters of Bellydance Music - Various Artists
Album: The Masters of Bellydance Music
Song: Enta Omri

Artist: Yo-Yo Ma - Amazon or The Essential Yo-Yo Ma - Yo-Yo Ma
Album: The Essential Yo-Yo Ma
Song: Mido Mountain (Chinese Traditional)


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