Episode 41: The Husbands Speak!

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Two of our favorite bellydancer husbands swing by the YIP studios to share their thoughts on bellydance and marriage! George Perez and Ismael "June" Alsina both dote on their lovely wives (Carol and Keely, respectively). One wife dances classical bellydance, one dances tribal fusion - what drama will ensue when these two combatants enter the ring?!?

Just kidding! We're all friends here...sorry if you were looking forward to some drama! :-)

Mary also indulges her love for pop music and Tammy plugs an event taught by George's lovely wife (and friend of YIP) - Carol!

Also a Quick Note: In case anyone was curious, Keely (June's wife) has had their baby since the recording of this episode. Mom and Baby are both healthy and happy!

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On This Episode:
That Girl Is A Singing, Dancing Fool (Nielle's blog) - "Snake Hips" Bellydance Book
"Snake Hips" by Anne Thomas Soffee - buy on Amazon
Chip 'n' Dale
Chippendales (Put your shirt on!)
Hipmix.net - Dilara's Diary - "On A Belly Dance Budget: It's Me Or The Gypsy Skirt!"
Sally from Australia
S.E.T. Therapy
Bellydance Paladin - "Dancing is acting without words."
The Belly Whisperer - "Oh Hell, Now I Done it." - "Straight Pimpin'"
The Pussycat Dolls
George Perez - Bellydance husband extraordinaire!! (And we hear he draws, as well...)
Lacey Sanchez - Florida Tribal Dance
Rachel George
The Moonlight Players
Azam Ali
Greg Ellis
Mary's awesome(?) bellydance joke!!

Around Town:
January 8-13 (Bali, Indonesia) Cinzia of Les Soeurs Tribales hosts workshops with Paulette plus yoga and Balinese dance.
January 22-23 (Orlando, Fl) Stellar Advantage presents workshops with Mia Sha’uri.
January 25-30 (Kalani, HI) Delilah's Belly Dance Retreat - workshops with Ruby, Delilah, January 29th (Tallahassee, Fl) Arabian Flair presents a Fan Veilz & Traveling/Turning workshop with Phonecia!

Featured Music:

Artist: The Pussycat Dolls - Amazon or Doll Domination - The Pussycat Dolls
Album: Doll Domination
Songs: Painted Windows, Hush Hush - Hush Hush, Jai Ho

Artist: Azam Ali - Amazon or Portals of Grace - Azam Ali
Album: Portals of Grace
Songs: Breton Melody, El rey de Francia, Sackpipslat

Additional Music:

Artist: Countdown Mix Masters - Amazon or Get Ready for This - Dance Hits - Move This
Album: Dance Hits - Move This
Songs: Get Ready for This

Artist: Moroccan Spirit - Amazon or Moroccan Spirit - Moroccan Spirit
Album: Moroccan Spirit
Songs: La Mamounia, Midunya, Jim I Nim, Jilala II-Nocturnal Ritual, Derviche, Moussem Of Regragas, La Mamounia (for a second time)

Episode 40: Trybe Habibi Bizarre

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This week YIP showcases ITS troupe extraordinaire - and first place winner of the improv troupe category at this year's Spirit of the Tribes competition - Trybe Habibi Bizarre! Skyping in all the way from far distant Louisiana, the ladies of THB talk about their distinctive style of ITS and from what sources they draw inspiration! Mary shares some especially awesome music and Cracked Pot Tribal is invited to perform at a very cool - last minute!! - Orlando event!!

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On This Episode:
Trybe Habibi Bizarre
Shira.net - "Things you wish someone would tell her..."
Carolena Nericcio's blog - "ATS Old School, ATS New Style"
"My Prerogative" - Bobby Brown
The Belly Whisperer talks about her article in Zaghareet
Miami Bellydance Convention
Tamalyn Dallal - 40 Days and 1001 Nights - Purchase the book on Amazon
Tamalyn Dallal events
Estelle Shao
Sherri Wheatley
Dave Courvoisier - professional voice over actor (and my awesome uncle!)
New characters on Shimmy Cove - tribe.net thread
What were they thinking (tribe.net) - "no freaking way!" - Faceprojects.com
Tribal Con
Zoe Jakes
John Compton - Hahbi 'Ru website
Listener Spotlight threads: Tribe.net and Facebook
Lacey (Sanchez) - Florida Tribal Dance
Trybe Habibi Bizarre
Zepora performing a double veil routine (music by Rammstein)
Kara performing a double veil routine (music by Rammstein)
Spirit of the Tribes
Trybe Habibi Bizarre Spirit of the Tribes 10 competition piece!! (Awesome!!!)
Fat Chance Bellydance
Rachel Brice's blog
Mardi Love - Facebook fan page
Kami Liddle
Ball python - A short video with a ball python
Burmese python - A short video with a burmese python
Tori Amos - The Pool - Video is (I think) from The Blue Planet DVDs (which are awesome!!)
Video of "The Flower" formation by Trybe Habibi Bizarre
Insane Clown Posse (ICP)
n.o.madic tribal
One translation of Matadjem Yinmixan
Arawan lyrics written on the ATS tribe

Around Town:
December 5th (Lawrenceville, GA) Beledi Boutique presents workshops with DeAnna Freeman of Devyani and Jaki of Jahara Phoenix. This will be a 5 hour ATS workshop intensive!
December 11-12 (Chiswich, London, UK) Fantasia London’s Arabic Dance Festival featuring workshops with Akasha, Aida, Shereen and more.
December 16th (Orlando, FL) Jessica and Amira are presenting a Dance Showcase supporting Toys for Tots. Cracked Pot Tribal will be performing! YIP!
December 17th (San Luis Obispo, CA) Tribal Fusion Faire - workshops with Amy Sigil, Tempest, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Megha and many more!
December 18-19 (Orlando, FL) Little Scarab presents a two day workshop with Rachel Brice.. The show will be presented by Florida Tribal Belly Dance. This event was just announced and is already sold out! But don’t miss out on the Show hosted by FTD!

Featured Artists:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Opium Head - Solace
Album: Opium Head
Songs: Din, Lost Children, Bounce

Artist: Tinariwen - Amazon or Tinariwen
Album: Aman Iman, Amassakoul
Songs: Matadjem Yinmixan, Tamatant Tilay, Arawan

Additional Music:

Artist: Beth Quist - Amazon or Shall We Dance - Beth Quist
Album: Shall We Dance
Songs: Fives, Evil Grid, Beauty, Ritual

Episode 39: Greywolf

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This week your friendly YIP Crew interview the multitalented Greywolf - drummer and jewelry-maker extraordinaire! We also hear some great music and (fail to) stay focused all the way through the Around Town segment!

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On This Episode:
Tempest's Teapot - "Roots & Shoots: The Almighty Tree of Style", "In a nutshell..."
Pocketbooks and Shoes comedian
Double Take Bellydance - "My interview on YIP Podcast"
Hands of Kali - "Yip podcast interview"
Shira.net tribe - "Take it off" by Kesha
"Take It Off" official video by Ke$ha
Rachel Brice encore Costa Rica retreat!
Vagabond Princess (Samantha Hasthorpe) -"Clowning with Mr. Write"
How to become British
Samantha Hasthorpe (and friends) dancing to "Swisha" by Ratatat
HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming
Jeff Strong
Quentin Shaw in Chicago
Flammable Babylon Percussion Ensemble (Facebook page)
Holly Riggs - singer/songwriter/poet (mySpace)
Rachied Ali - kit drummer
Konono No.1
Famoudou Konate
Skycraft Parts & Surplus
Wax Tracks Records
Orlando Fringe Festival
Pitcher Plant
Mark DeMaio (mySpace)
Barry Bittman
Bernie Siegel
Camera-stealing octopus video
Soccer-predicting octopus video
Florence and the Machine

Around Town:
November 5-7 (Lincoln, NE) Benu Tribal presents Tribal Dreams. Workshops with Blue Lotus, Sharon Moore and more.
November 6th (Atlanta, GA) Atlanta Bellypalooza 2010 - workshops with Diane Adams, Aziza Nawal, Sanam and more.
November 6th (Lafayette, LA) Trybe Habibi Bizarre presents their Double Veil workshop and their Signature Combos. Plus a Hafla to end the evening!
November 19-21 (Linthicum, MD) Belly Dance National Competition- not only a belly dance competion but also workshops with Ranya Renee, Michelle Joyce, Aradia and more.

Featured Artists:

Artist: Ratatat - Amazon or Ratatat
Albums: Classics, Ratatat
Songs: Lex, Spanish Armada, Swisha

Artist: Florence + the Machine - Amazon or Lungs - Florence + The Machine
Album: Lungs
Songs: Blinding, Girl With One Eye, Howl

Additional Music:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or The Gathering Season - Solace
Album: The Gathering Season
Songs: Huda, Harvest Moon, Aenaem, Journey's End, Desert Journey

Episode 38: Nikki + Mahin +Shimmy Cove = Awesome!

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We've got a lot of variety going on in this week's show! The YIP Crew welcome Nikki to the program, and talk about her brand new troupe membership and dancing at SCA events. We also have a special interview with Mahin of the Daily Dance Quickies and - holy cow! - it's the return of Shimmy Cove!!!

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On This Episode:
Tempest's Teapot blog - "What Is Community?"
The Belly Whisperer blog - "It's Not Cheatin' If I Pay"
Abdel Halim Hafez
Mohammed Abdel Wahab
Hossam Ramzy
Masters of Bellydance CD - Purchase on Amazon or Hossam
Al-Ahram Orchestra CDs - Purchase on Amazon or Al-Ahram
Morocco - Morocco's Blog
The American Bellydancer DVD - Purchase on Amazon
Morocco's article on dancing in clubs
The Daily Dance Quickies
Tribal Muses
A Magi
Suspira and Orlando Bellydance
Florida Tribal Dance
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
Rachel Brice
Zoe Jakes
OrientalDancer.net translations of Abdel Halim Hafez songs

Around Town:

September 25-26 Boston, MA Ombellyco presents 2 days of Tribal Pura featuring Carolena and Megha!

Featured Artists:

Album: Layali Al Sharq - Amazon or Layali
Artist: Al-Ahram Orchestra
Songs: Saher Al Sharq Etneen, Zarmali Tabla, Layali Al Sharq

Artist: Abdel Halim Hafez - Amazon or Abdel
Albums: Be'e Albak, Abd el Halem Hafez, The Story of Love Passion and Infatuation
Songs: Ahwak, Betlomony Leh, Nibtidi Me Nehn el Hikaya Pt 1 Intro

Additional Music:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Solace
Albums and Songs:
"Circle" - Ahsas
"End of Religion" - Nagari
"Weeping Tree" - Opium Head
"Opaque" - Ahsas
"Aenaem" - The Gathering Season
"Desert Journey" - The Gathering Season

Episode 37: Ziah

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The YIP Crew welcome Ziah of Awalim to the program! She talks about how she got started, how Tribal*Con got started, and why you should marry outside your own family. (And no, that wasn't in answer to anything that we asked!) Mary recommends some new awesomeness in the music department and Tammy dishes on the fantastic month of September! YIP!!

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On This Episode:
Bellydance Drills and Choreography (tribe.net) - "Give your dance a facelift"
Naima's Bellydance Blog - "Romeo Dance Cheetah"
The Belly Whisperer - Sadie and Kaya entry, Unsolved Mysteries of Bellydance
"Bellydance: Orientalism, Transnationalism, and Harem Fantasy" - Purchase on Amazon
Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan
Zap Mama
Tribal Con
Sirrom School of Dance
Heather Stants & Urban Tribal Dance Company
Jill Parker

Around Town:

September 3-6 Miami, FL Miami Bellydance Convention - workshops with Tamalyn Dallal, Nourhan Sharif, Nathalie, Aubre, Sherri Wheatley, and many more!
September 9-12 Las Vegas, NV LV Bellydance Intensive & Festival - workshops with John Compton, Princess Farhana,Fahtiem, Asharah, Moria Chappell, and many more to come! Lunch, Lectures and a Vegas style cocktail party!
September 11-12 Orlando, FL A Magi Belly Dance and American Belly Dance Club presents Gypsy Fest! starring Dalia Carella.
September 18-19 St. Petersburg, FL Daniela will be hosting Anasma and Linda Faoro for a weekend of workshops. Fusion from France to Florida!
September 25-26 Boston, MA Ombellyco presents 2 days of Tribal Pura featuring Carolena and Megha!

Featured Artists:

Album: A Ma Zone - Amazon or A
Artist: Zap Mama
Songs: Iko Iko, Rafiki (DNA Remix), Whappy Mama

Album: 123 Belly Dance, Vol. 2 - Amazon or 123
Artist: Hicham Katir Orchestra
Songs: Ahlami, Cairo Night, Elila farh

Additional Music:

Album: Shall We Dance - Amazon or Shall
Artist: Beth Quist
Songs: Fives, Finale, Beauty, Ritual

Shimmy Cove Catch Up #2

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It's time to get back in the Shimmy Cove swing of things! Get ready for new episodes by listening to some old ones! And just so you don't have to wade through and find the episodes yourself we've helpfully edited them together for your listening pleasure. Brace yourself for more kuchied hips of deceit!!

Listen to Shimmy Cove Catch Up #1

Download Shimmy Cove Catch Up #2

Or Listen Here:

Guest Actors in Order of Appearance:

Carolena Nericcio as Jan the Cop and Megha Gavin as Claudia the Cop
Carol as Patella
Hera as Fancy and Jewels as Free
Jessica as Elise
Lacey Sanchez as Nadine/Jaded and Alex Sanchez as The Officer

Episode 36: Lisa and Kristina

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This week the YIP Crew chat it up with Lisa and Kristina from the Elements of Dance studio in Sanford, Florida! They're smart! They're silly! They rival Tammy and Mary for how much they like to talk! (Brace yourselves...) Mary talks magazines, Tammy talks videos, and we hear some awesome music - recommended by everyone's favorite accordion player, August Hoerr!

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Or Listen Here:

On This Episode:
Elements of Dance
Ariellah in Black and White
Bellydance Paladin (Asharah's Blog) - "Chromosomes, justice, and art."
Athletic male dancer at Tribal Fest 2010 (Frank Farinaro)
Arish Lam
YALLAH Bellydance Magazine
Zaghareet Bellydance Magazine
Shape Magazine and Marisa Tomei's hooping workout
PURE Orlando
Double Rainbow video (also check out the Auto-Tuned version)
Geography game
Anthony Bourdain
"Bellydance: Orientalism, Transnationalism, and Harem Fantasy" - Purchase on Amazon
Facebook Book Club
Shira.net tribe - "On abandoning the mistakes of the past..."
August Hoerr
David Starfire
Phil Thornton
Shoghaken Ensemble
Orlando Bellydance
C.A.R.D. - Cure for Autism and Related Disorders

Around Town:

August 19-22
Grapevine, TX Yaa Halla Y'all 10 - workshops with Princess Farhana, Amy Sigil, Kaeshi Chai, Bozenka, Karim Nagi, and more!
August 22-29 Pura Vida, Costa Rica 5th Annual Belly Dance Yoga Retreat with Rachel Brice.
August 27-29 St. Petersburg, FL Hip Expressions presents Tribal Burn - workshops with Lacey Sanchez, Evelyn Tosi, Abby Albaum, Daniela Adriennesen, and more!

Featured Artists:

Album: Tribal Beats 2 - Amazon or Tribal
Artists and Songs:
David Starfire - "Sitarfire"
Shoghaken Ensemble - "Shatakhi Dzernapar"
Transkapela Klezmer - "Old-Time Sirba"

Album: Reveries - Amazon or Reveries
Artist: Maduro
Songs: Poison Drop, Unbroken, Qanundrum

Additional Music:

Artist: Deep Forest - Amazon or Deep
Album: Boheme - Pacifique - Deep Forest
Songs: Deep Folk Song - Pacifique, Night Village, La Baiser, Moon Light - The First Twilight

Episode 35: Seattle and Copper Clock

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It's our final Seattle Session episode!! This week we get an answer to the question "Just who is CopperClock?" It turns out that CopperClock is a super awesome power duet consisting of the fantastic Sarah Kate and Letty of Seattle, Washington!! (Does is seem like we're gushing a bit more than usual here? That's because they are bona fide Friends of the Show!) CopperClock combines elements of bellydance, ballet, tango and awesomeness to create a wonderfully playful and unique aesthetic that is not only impressive but also thoroughly entertaining! (They're also really nice, which is one more reason to like them!)

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Or Listen Here:

On This Episode:

July 31st
Flagstaff, AZ Levant Al Sonora presents Cool Summer Workshops and Showcase featuring workshops with Cari Smith of Anaya Tribal, Mahin, Sherry Fragosa, and Rukshana.
August 6-11 San Francisco, CA SF Mecca Immersion - workshops with Zoe Jakes, Carolena Nericcio, Kami Liddle, Jill Parker, and more!
August 19-22 Grapevine, TX Yaa Halla Y'all 10 - workshops with Princess Farhana, Amy Sigil, Kaeshi Chai, Bozenka, Karim Nagi, and more!
August 22-29 Pura Vida, Costa Rica 5th Annual Belly Dance Yoga Retreat with Rachel Brice.
August 27-29 St. Petersburg, FL Hip Expressions presents Tribal Burn - workshops with Lacey Sanchez, Evelyn Tosi, Abby Albaum, Daniela Adriennesen, and more!

Featured Artists:

Album: E Muzeki - Amazon or E
Artist: E Muzeki
Songs: Jeru, MacSuibhne's Trill, Roxanna of Illyria

Album: Muse Melodic - Amazon or Muse
Artists: Solace, FrontJunk, August Hoerr, Tim Barsky
Songs: Anathema, NaeNae, Stamena, Tried by 5 over 4

Additional Music:

Artist: Solace
Album: The Gathering Season - Amazon or The
Songs: Harvest Moon, Saaba