Episode 38: Nikki + Mahin +Shimmy Cove = Awesome!

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We've got a lot of variety going on in this week's show! The YIP Crew welcome Nikki to the program, and talk about her brand new troupe membership and dancing at SCA events. We also have a special interview with Mahin of the Daily Dance Quickies and - holy cow! - it's the return of Shimmy Cove!!!

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On This Episode:
Tempest's Teapot blog - "What Is Community?"
The Belly Whisperer blog - "It's Not Cheatin' If I Pay"
Abdel Halim Hafez
Mohammed Abdel Wahab
Hossam Ramzy
Masters of Bellydance CD - Purchase on Amazon or Hossam
Al-Ahram Orchestra CDs - Purchase on Amazon or Al-Ahram
Morocco - Morocco's Blog
The American Bellydancer DVD - Purchase on Amazon
Morocco's article on dancing in clubs
The Daily Dance Quickies
Tribal Muses
A Magi
Suspira and Orlando Bellydance
Florida Tribal Dance
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
Rachel Brice
Zoe Jakes
OrientalDancer.net translations of Abdel Halim Hafez songs

Around Town:

September 25-26 Boston, MA Ombellyco presents 2 days of Tribal Pura featuring Carolena and Megha!

Featured Artists:

Album: Layali Al Sharq - Amazon or Layali
Artist: Al-Ahram Orchestra
Songs: Saher Al Sharq Etneen, Zarmali Tabla, Layali Al Sharq

Artist: Abdel Halim Hafez - Amazon or Abdel
Albums: Be'e Albak, Abd el Halem Hafez, The Story of Love Passion and Infatuation
Songs: Ahwak, Betlomony Leh, Nibtidi Me Nehn el Hikaya Pt 1 Intro

Additional Music:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Solace
Albums and Songs:
"Circle" - Ahsas
"End of Religion" - Nagari
"Weeping Tree" - Opium Head
"Opaque" - Ahsas
"Aenaem" - The Gathering Season
"Desert Journey" - The Gathering Season


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