Episode 39: Greywolf

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This week your friendly YIP Crew interview the multitalented Greywolf - drummer and jewelry-maker extraordinaire! We also hear some great music and (fail to) stay focused all the way through the Around Town segment!

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On This Episode:
Tempest's Teapot - "Roots & Shoots: The Almighty Tree of Style", "In a nutshell..."
Pocketbooks and Shoes comedian
Double Take Bellydance - "My interview on YIP Podcast"
Hands of Kali - "Yip podcast interview"
Shira.net tribe - "Take it off" by Kesha
"Take It Off" official video by Ke$ha
Rachel Brice encore Costa Rica retreat!
Vagabond Princess (Samantha Hasthorpe) -"Clowning with Mr. Write"
How to become British
Samantha Hasthorpe (and friends) dancing to "Swisha" by Ratatat
HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming
Jeff Strong
Quentin Shaw in Chicago
Flammable Babylon Percussion Ensemble (Facebook page)
Holly Riggs - singer/songwriter/poet (mySpace)
Rachied Ali - kit drummer
Konono No.1
Famoudou Konate
Skycraft Parts & Surplus
Wax Tracks Records
Orlando Fringe Festival
Pitcher Plant
Mark DeMaio (mySpace)
Barry Bittman
Bernie Siegel
Camera-stealing octopus video
Soccer-predicting octopus video
Florence and the Machine

Around Town:
November 5-7 (Lincoln, NE) Benu Tribal presents Tribal Dreams. Workshops with Blue Lotus, Sharon Moore and more.
November 6th (Atlanta, GA) Atlanta Bellypalooza 2010 - workshops with Diane Adams, Aziza Nawal, Sanam and more.
November 6th (Lafayette, LA) Trybe Habibi Bizarre presents their Double Veil workshop and their Signature Combos. Plus a Hafla to end the evening!
November 19-21 (Linthicum, MD) Belly Dance National Competition- not only a belly dance competion but also workshops with Ranya Renee, Michelle Joyce, Aradia and more.

Featured Artists:

Artist: Ratatat - Amazon or Ratatat
Albums: Classics, Ratatat
Songs: Lex, Spanish Armada, Swisha

Artist: Florence + the Machine - Amazon or Lungs - Florence + The Machine
Album: Lungs
Songs: Blinding, Girl With One Eye, Howl

Additional Music:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or The Gathering Season - Solace
Album: The Gathering Season
Songs: Huda, Harvest Moon, Aenaem, Journey's End, Desert Journey


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