Episode 40: Trybe Habibi Bizarre

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This week YIP showcases ITS troupe extraordinaire - and first place winner of the improv troupe category at this year's Spirit of the Tribes competition - Trybe Habibi Bizarre! Skyping in all the way from far distant Louisiana, the ladies of THB talk about their distinctive style of ITS and from what sources they draw inspiration! Mary shares some especially awesome music and Cracked Pot Tribal is invited to perform at a very cool - last minute!! - Orlando event!!

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On This Episode:
Trybe Habibi Bizarre
Shira.net - "Things you wish someone would tell her..."
Carolena Nericcio's blog - "ATS Old School, ATS New Style"
"My Prerogative" - Bobby Brown
The Belly Whisperer talks about her article in Zaghareet
Miami Bellydance Convention
Tamalyn Dallal - 40 Days and 1001 Nights - Purchase the book on Amazon
Tamalyn Dallal events
Estelle Shao
Sherri Wheatley
Dave Courvoisier - professional voice over actor (and my awesome uncle!)
New characters on Shimmy Cove - tribe.net thread
What were they thinking (tribe.net) - "no freaking way!" - Faceprojects.com
Tribal Con
Zoe Jakes
John Compton - Hahbi 'Ru website
Listener Spotlight threads: Tribe.net and Facebook
Lacey (Sanchez) - Florida Tribal Dance
Trybe Habibi Bizarre
Zepora performing a double veil routine (music by Rammstein)
Kara performing a double veil routine (music by Rammstein)
Spirit of the Tribes
Trybe Habibi Bizarre Spirit of the Tribes 10 competition piece!! (Awesome!!!)
Fat Chance Bellydance
Rachel Brice's blog
Mardi Love - Facebook fan page
Kami Liddle
Ball python - A short video with a ball python
Burmese python - A short video with a burmese python
Tori Amos - The Pool - Video is (I think) from The Blue Planet DVDs (which are awesome!!)
Video of "The Flower" formation by Trybe Habibi Bizarre
Insane Clown Posse (ICP)
n.o.madic tribal
One translation of Matadjem Yinmixan
Arawan lyrics written on the ATS tribe

Around Town:
December 5th (Lawrenceville, GA) Beledi Boutique presents workshops with DeAnna Freeman of Devyani and Jaki of Jahara Phoenix. This will be a 5 hour ATS workshop intensive!
December 11-12 (Chiswich, London, UK) Fantasia London’s Arabic Dance Festival featuring workshops with Akasha, Aida, Shereen and more.
December 16th (Orlando, FL) Jessica and Amira are presenting a Dance Showcase supporting Toys for Tots. Cracked Pot Tribal will be performing! YIP!
December 17th (San Luis Obispo, CA) Tribal Fusion Faire - workshops with Amy Sigil, Tempest, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Megha and many more!
December 18-19 (Orlando, FL) Little Scarab presents a two day workshop with Rachel Brice.. The show will be presented by Florida Tribal Belly Dance. This event was just announced and is already sold out! But don’t miss out on the Show hosted by FTD!

Featured Artists:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Opium Head - Solace
Album: Opium Head
Songs: Din, Lost Children, Bounce

Artist: Tinariwen - Amazon or Tinariwen
Album: Aman Iman, Amassakoul
Songs: Matadjem Yinmixan, Tamatant Tilay, Arawan

Additional Music:

Artist: Beth Quist - Amazon or Shall We Dance - Beth Quist
Album: Shall We Dance
Songs: Fives, Evil Grid, Beauty, Ritual


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