Episode 35: Seattle and Copper Clock

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It's our final Seattle Session episode!! This week we get an answer to the question "Just who is CopperClock?" It turns out that CopperClock is a super awesome power duet consisting of the fantastic Sarah Kate and Letty of Seattle, Washington!! (Does is seem like we're gushing a bit more than usual here? That's because they are bona fide Friends of the Show!) CopperClock combines elements of bellydance, ballet, tango and awesomeness to create a wonderfully playful and unique aesthetic that is not only impressive but also thoroughly entertaining! (They're also really nice, which is one more reason to like them!)

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On This Episode:

July 31st
Flagstaff, AZ Levant Al Sonora presents Cool Summer Workshops and Showcase featuring workshops with Cari Smith of Anaya Tribal, Mahin, Sherry Fragosa, and Rukshana.
August 6-11 San Francisco, CA SF Mecca Immersion - workshops with Zoe Jakes, Carolena Nericcio, Kami Liddle, Jill Parker, and more!
August 19-22 Grapevine, TX Yaa Halla Y'all 10 - workshops with Princess Farhana, Amy Sigil, Kaeshi Chai, Bozenka, Karim Nagi, and more!
August 22-29 Pura Vida, Costa Rica 5th Annual Belly Dance Yoga Retreat with Rachel Brice.
August 27-29 St. Petersburg, FL Hip Expressions presents Tribal Burn - workshops with Lacey Sanchez, Evelyn Tosi, Abby Albaum, Daniela Adriennesen, and more!

Featured Artists:

Album: E Muzeki - Amazon or E
Artist: E Muzeki
Songs: Jeru, MacSuibhne's Trill, Roxanna of Illyria

Album: Muse Melodic - Amazon or Muse
Artists: Solace, FrontJunk, August Hoerr, Tim Barsky
Songs: Anathema, NaeNae, Stamena, Tried by 5 over 4

Additional Music:

Artist: Solace
Album: The Gathering Season - Amazon or The
Songs: Harvest Moon, Saaba


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