Episode 33: Seattle and Shay

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Re-posted to fix problems with the embedded player! Sorry for the repeat!

Our second Seattle Session brings Sharon "Shay" Moore to the podcast! She's not just an avid bellydance promoter, teacher, blogger, poster, talker and dancer, but she's also got a great sense of humor, which is awesome! Shay discusses - among other things - bellydance certifications, her Gypsy Caravan roots and why we should love our dance sisters!

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On This Episode:
Malidoma World Drum & Dance
Bellydance Paladin (Asharah's Blog) - The New Face of "Triberet"
Adventures of The Tribal Dancer (Shay Moore's Blog) - You Don't Love the Dance
ATS tribe
Eugene Hutz (of Gogol Bordello) interview on Fresh Air
Gogol Bordello Non-Stop (Documentary)
Shimmy on Fit TV
Penny for your Shimmy (Sariah Kiram's blog)
Trybe Habibi Bizarre - Double Veil to Rammstein
Phil Thornton
Hossam Ramzy
Adventures of The Tribal Dancer (Shay Moore's Blog) - inFusion Farewell
MandalaTribal.com - Tribal Dance Classes with Sharon Moore (Seattle)
TribalBellydance.org - Check it out and contribute some thoughts of your own!
Gypsy Caravan
Shira.net tribe - Debate with your sisters!

Around Town:
July 2-4 Louisville, KY Gothalpytic 2010 - workshops with Donna Mejia, Amirah, Taletha, and Asharah!
July 8-11 New York, NY New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference - workshops with Kaeshi, Anasma, Ranya Renee, Fahtiem, Aepril Schaile, and more!
July 10 Orlando, FL Works of PURE Love will be hosting an charity event to benefit CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disabilities).
July 10-16 Caissargues, France Tribal Umrah - workshops with Amy Sigil, Jill Parker, Sera Solstice, Sherri Wheatley, and more!
July 16-18 Leicester, UK Gothla UK - workshops with Ariellah, Princess Farhana, Her Royal Hellness Lucretia, and many more!
July 23-25 Boise, ID Cairo Fusion Fest - workshops with Amy Sigil, DJ Amar, and more!
July 30 Mt. Washington, PA Bellystock - a belly dance and music tribute to woodstock. There will also be workshops with Unmata.

Featured Artists:

Artist: Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy - Amazon or Immortal
Album: Immortal Egypt
Songs: Cairo Blues, Derwood Green, Immortal Egypt

Artist: Gypsy Caravan - Amazon or Awakening
Album: Awakening
Songs: Chase, Awakening, Nubian Tusk

Additional Music:

Artist: Gypsy Caravan - Amazon or Migration
Album: Migration
Songs: Giza, Stick Dance, Mirage


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