Episode 34: Seattle and Hands of Kali

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In the third installment of our Seattle Sessions YIP brings you the wisdom and awesomeness of Kendra Hayes from Hands of Kali! Based in Seattle, Washington, Kendra is not only a dancer and teacher, but also a published author. The YIP Crew review her book, "Stomping Ground", Mary gets a Tarot reading, everyone talks about pole dancing and Kendra encourages us all to find our power and use it! (Hopefully for good and not evil....) This episode also has the dubious honor of having the most YIP outtakes ever! (Awesome!!)

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On This Episode:
Kendra Hayes - Hands of Kali
Purchase "Stomping Ground" on Amazon
Rachel Brice's blog
TribalStar Galactica
Eyes of Bastet
Llama Llama Duck song encore!!
Killer Klowns from Outer Space - buy it on Amazon (Why? Because you can!!)
Troupe Duende - Intertwine with Three - Intertwine in a Circle
Bellydance Superstars - Bombay Bellywood
Bubble Toys!
John Berberian
Visionary Belly Dance - Delilah's Seattle Studio
Shiva in Exile - Amazon or Shiva
Nine Inch Nails - Amazon or Nine
Wumpscut home page (If you speak German!) - Wumpscut MySpace - Amazon or Wumpscut
The sword we both own from Kult of Athena

Around Town:
July 16-18 Leicester, UK Gothla UK - workshops with Ariellah, Princess Farhana, Her Royal Hellness Lucretia, and many more!
July 23-25 Boise, ID Cairo Fusion Fest - workshops with Amy Sigil, DJ Amar, and more!
July 30 Mt. Washington, PA Bellystock - a belly dance and music tribute to woodstock. There will also be workshops with Unmata.

Featured Artists:

Artist: John Berberian - Amazon or John
Albums: Ode to an Oud, Expressions East
Songs: Azziza, Taksim, Siseler

Artist: Modeselektor - Amazon or Happy
Album: Happy Birthday!
Songs: Deboutonner, Happy Birthday!, Let Your Love Grow

Additional Music:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Solace
Albums: The Gathering Season, Ahsas
Songs: Harvest, Kama, Kronos, Sudan


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