Episode 50: Heather Stants

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This episode of YIP brings you the wonderfully serene and fantastically funny (yeah, you heard me!) Heather Stants! The fab H.S. talks about her journey to dance, her movement philosophy and her love of yoga! YIP Podcast Executive Producer - Dan - steps in to help out with the interview, Mary (that's me) get's lazy (again) and indulges herself with a soooo non-traditional mix of music, Tammy keeps everything moving along, and we all live happily ever after! Yay!

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On This Episode:
Check out more from our executive producer (Dan) on his podcast Radio Rickshaw
"Darkness Falls" trailer - Yech....creepy Tooth Fairy movie
"Tattoo Adventure of a Tribal Farmgirl" by Paulette Rees-Denis
Makeup and Hair for Dancers (tribe.net) - "Hair for a VERY hot day!"
The Belly Whisperer
Tempest's Teapot - "FYI - MIA"
Beats Antique video "Revival"
I couldn't remember right off where I got "fer sure!" from...but this SNL skit was it!
Blood Out
The Kentuckiana Middle Eastern Dance Review - "Confessions of a Belly Dance Hoarder..."
Tribal Pilgrims - "Video of the Week - Pedralta World Fusion Bellydance"
Watch "The LXD" on Hulu
Cali Swag District - "Teach Me How to Dougie" - Glee actors teach you how to dougie
Take That (Official Website)
Kelis - "Milkshake" video - "Bounce" video (Calvin Harris feat. Kelis)
"Sucker Punch" trailer
Radio Bastet
Urban Tribal Dance Company - "66 Meters" (by Indian Ropeman) Performance
Florida Tribal Dance
Stephanie Barto of Read My Hips
"What is Tribal Style Bellydance" A short documentary
The Tribal Massive
Dana Rae Pare of Infinite Yoga
Nauli (yoga exercise)
The Glitch Mob

Around Town:
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Featured Artists:

Mary's Trio of Self-Indulgence...
Song #1: "Teach Me How to Dougie" by Cali Swag District - on Teach Me How to Dougie - EP - Cali Swag District or Amazon
Song #2: "Love Love" by Take That - on Amazon
Song #3: "Bounce" by Calvin Harris feat. Kelis - on Bounce (feat. Kelis) - Single - Calvin Harris or Amazon

Artist: The Glitch Mob - on Drink The Sea - The Glitch Mob or Amazon
Album: Drink the Sea
Songs: Bad Wings, Fortune Days, Drive It Like You Stole It

Additional Music:

Artist: Middle Earth Ensemble - on Middle-Earth Ensemble - Middle-Earth Ensemble or Amazon
Album: Middle Earth Ensemble
Songs: Ya Gameel, Oud Taqsim, Shatty Ya Dinny, Mudejar, Moroccan Roll, Ya Mustafa, Isaac and Ishmael


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