Episode 13: Fantastic Carol and Nexus Tribal

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Mary and Tammy welcome their good friend Carol to the podcast! With decades of experience under her hipscarf, Carol takes us through her bellydance journey, which began in New York City and is still going strong down in Florida. Carol shares a music recommendation with the YIP Crew, Mary gives a rave review to Phil Thornton's newest CD - Nexus Tribal - and Shimmy Cove returns with guest voices Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin!

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On This Episode:

Belly Dance Instructors (tribe.net)
Belly Dance Video Clips (tribe.net)
Taxslayer.com bellydance video
UNMATA at Tribal Fest 09 - Race car video (totally awesome!)
Belly Dance Troupe Talk
Vanessa Mae
Anahid Sofian
Bert Balladine
George Perez - Famous comic book hubby of the Fantastic Carol!
John Compton and Hahbi 'Ru
Michelle Joyce practice DVDs
Bellydance Rhythms Workout with Neon and Raquy - Amazon
Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak Homepage
Phil Thornton

Around Town:
August 22-23 Orlando, Fl Mini MegaCon Carol will be at this event!
September 4-7 Miami, Fl Miami Bellydance Convention Featuring Bozenka, Mira Betz, Lacey, Daniela
September 9 Everywhere! World Hoop Day

Featured Music:

Artist: Vanessa Mae - Amazon or Vanessa-Mae
Album: Choreography
Songs: Sabre Dance

Artist: Phil Thornton - Official site or FatChance Bellydance Catalog
Album: Nexus Tribal
Songs: Duma Sa Duma, The Broadoak Sheik, Bay City Shimmy - Fat Chance Mix

Background Music:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Solace - Shawaza
Album: Shawaza - The Gathering Season
Songs: Two Gypsies - Eyes Like Cats, Sudan


Anonymous said...

Carol listed Scary Tribal as a dance style but I don't think she mentioned Scary Cabaret. Have you seen this video?


Love your podcast!!

YIP Crew said...

Ok... that was a really scary number. I thought her costume was going to eat the drummer... and those "eyes"!!!!

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