YIP Snip 4: Solos

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Welcome to YIP Snip! This week's topic is Solos!

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In This Episode:
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Lights by Ellie Goulding Remix by Bassnectar - Amazon or
Michelle Obama Arms!
Lacey (Florida Tribal Dance)
Dexter's Theme Song  (Whoa!!! The Ending Theme is awesome!) - Amazon or
Angel Theme Song - Amazon or
Mr Brooks Theme Song - Amazon or
Phoenicia and Fan Veil
Carolena Nericcio Flutters (about 2 mins in, but the whole performance is gorgeous!)
The Choreographer's Notebook: Standard Edition by Julia R. Zay - Amazon  (Oh and I know I said Choreographer incorrectly... wah wah)

Background Music:

Artist: Phil Thornton - Amazon or
Album: Nexus Tribal
Songs: Ederlezi Trance, The Broadoak Sheik, In The Bubble,  Bay City Shimmy, Duma Sa Duma 


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