Episode 53: John Compton

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Your YIP Crew brings you a super special interview with legendary dancer John Compton of Hahbi 'Ru! Music from Greg Ellis and Africa North (the place, not the person?) will be delighting your ear. Also we give out some aMAZing advice to some of our YIPpers (you're welcome) and lots of other cool stuff happens! You're gonna love it! Trust me!! YIP!!

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On This Episode:
The Tribal Way - "My New Years Resolution - To Smile!"
Princess Farhana - "Flash Dance: What's Going On Under That Costume?"
Belly Dance Troupe Talk (tribe.net) - "I need some advice please!!"
FatChance BellyDance - Volume 9 DVD!!!
Hot Pot Studios (home of UNMATA!!!)
College Park Yoga - Crazy contortionist pose!!
Rakkas - The Male Side of Belly Dance (Facebook)
Keiya Mavita and Kali Shakti Sisters Belly Dance (Facebook)
Baraka Mundi
Onca O'Leary
Gypsy Hands
Florida Tribal Dance
Shine On Yoga
Allure Dance Studio
Greg Ellis
Azam Ali

John Compton

Interested in learning more? Check out some articles on John Compton at The Gilded Serpent and The Best of Habibi - fun extra reading...both cover some of the same territory, but both have great extra stuff, as well!)
Articles on The Gilded Serpent by (or about) Rita/Rebaba

Rebaba/Rita Alderucci

Jill Parker
Jamila Salimpour - Bal Anat (Article on The Gilded Serpent)
Bert Balladine (Gilded Serpent articles, including a memorial article with a ton of awesome pictures)
Hahbi 'Ru at Tribal Fest 2010 - the Yemen "hand dance" starts at minute 3:00 (it's awesome!!)
Selections from Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians - Amazon

Farideh and John Compton (performing as Kos Kadas)

Farideh (Cathryn Balk)
Sharlyn Sawyer
de Young Museum

A bit of history about Finnoccio's - on the site Queer Music Heritage
Slide show of Finnoccio's pictures from '78-'83 (I spotted John at least twice - at 2:36 and 3:30 and there are also several of the ventriloquist, Keny Stewart)
Memories of performing at Finnoccio's - by female impersonator David de Alba
Articles on The Gilded Serpent by (or about) Mish Mish (a.k.a. Pamela Sklavos-Jaque)
Scene from the movie "A Man With Bogart's Face" with Mish Mish(she's the dancer in blue)
Steve Shehan & Baly Othmane
Mahmoud Fadl

Around Town:
January 21-28 (Pura Vida, Costa Rica) Sahara Dance presents the 7th Annual Tribal Belly Dance and Yoga Retreat with Rachel Brice.
February 5-12 (Louisiana, Florida, Bahamas) ATS Belly Dance Cruise! Need I say more? Tribal:Pura, Studio classes, Gala show, and open dance sessions.
February 23-26 (Decatur, GA) TribalCon - workshops with Ariellah, Dave Machek, Tamalyn Dallal, and more. Saturday Passes are now sold out!
February 25-March 9 (Las Vegas, NV) Tribal Massive - workshops with Heather Stants, Zoe Jakes, Amy Sigil, and more.

Featured Artists:

Artist: Greg Ellis - Amazon or Kala Rupa - Explorations In Rhythm - Greg Ellis
Album: Kala Rupa
Songs: Form 2, Form 3, Form 8

Album: Africa North (Compilation) - Amazon or Africa North - Various Artists
Song #1: "Amin Amin" by Steve Shehan & Baly Othmane
Song #2: "Rera" by Setona
Song #3: "Maqsoum" by Mahmoud Fadl

Additional Music:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or The Gathering Season - Solace
Album: The Gathering Season
Songs: Huda, Harvest Moon, Eyes Like Cats, Aenaem

Artist: Greg Ellis - Amazon or Kala Rupa - Explorations In Rhythm - Greg Ellis
Album: Kala Rupa
Songs: Form 7, Form 9


Shay Moore The TribalDancer said...

I have to say, hearing John Compton disdainfully talk about ATS being "the same every time" makes me sad on the one hand (I love him, why can't he love me back?! :). But is also makes me feel like the pot calls the kettle much too black when a Hahbi 'Ru show is mostly to fully choreographed--same exact music, steps, everything, every show--so is way more "the same" every time than any ATS show.

I mean seriously...? How many times have I seen Lorke Lorke, or Jamilo, or the Finger Cymbal Dance? But I go crazy nuts for them every time I see them! It's not that I demand that these shows be different every time, it's that I demand they be of high quality, with great energy, and a polished level of showmanship. Which I feel both Hahbi 'Ru and good ATS have in common.

And don't get me started on the other disdainful comment about the ATS "bastardization" of Jamila-style movement, when he himself giggles about "stealing" moves and choreography for his shows. Let's not throw stones, Mr. Compton. You are an amazing dancer, and one of the many admired pioneers of bellydance whom I adore. You don't need to stoop to subtlely bitch-slapping other dancers and styles to prove your worth. You are better than that.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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