Episode 1: For the Beginning Dancer

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Welcome to YIP Podcast! On our first episode we focus on the beginning bellydancer, meet Mary and Tammy, get some great music recommendations, interview new dancer Loreena, and learn how to make an awesome practice skirt in 3 minutes!

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On This Episode:

YOU Health Center
Suspira Orlando Bellydance - Cabaret Bellydance Instruction (Orlando, FL)
Cat Bruce - Tribal Bellydance Instruction (Winter Garden, FL)
Lacey Sanchez and Florida Tribal Dance - Tribal Bellydance Instruction (Orlando, FL)
Spirit of the Tribes
Tribal Fest 9
Geisha Moth
Ariellah - Dark Tribal Instruction/Workshops
Onca and August of the Mezmer Society
The Foul, Drunk & Hostile Bellydancer (on tribe.net)
Armoire Awards (on tribe.net)
What were they thinking... (on tribe.net)

Costume Tip:

3 Minute Skirt demo up on YouTube!
(Yes, the lighting wasn't the best...we'll strive to do better in the future!)

Featured Music:

Album: Belly Dance Fever (Various Artists) - Amazon
Songs on YIP:
1. Elama - Yasser Habeeb
2. Habibi Dah (Nari Narien) - Hisham Abbas
3. Tamally Ma'ak - Amr Diab
4. Far Away - Demis Roussos & Hasna
5. Le Rai C'est Chic - Cheb Mami

Artist: Solace
Album: The Gathering Season - Amazon or Solace - The Gathering Season
Songs on YIP: Huda, Aenaem, Qabil, Sultan's Dance, Saaba

Artist: Beats Antique
Album: Collide - Amazon or Beats Antique - Collide
Songs on YIP: Dope Krunk, Slap Dash Era, Caterpillar, Sweet Demure, Borino

Background music this week by Solace!
Find Solace on Amazon
Find Solace on Solace

Track list from the Episode 1:
1. "Huda" - The Gathering Season
2. "Djinn" - Balance"Qabil" - The Gathering Season
3. "Kama (8-4)" - Ahsas
4. "Harvest Moon" - The Gathering Season
5. "Saaba" - The Gathering Season
6. "Two Gypsies" - Shawaza
7. "Serpent's Kiss" - Nagari
8. "Suda" - The Gathering Season


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