Episode 6: UNMATA and YIP Contest #1

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UNMATA in the house!!! Okay...not quite in the house, but let's not nitpick! This week Tammy goes to Southern Oasis and brings back an interview with Amy and Sarah of UNMATA, we finally create our very own tribe, and announce our first contest!

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On This Episode:

YIP Podcast tribe!!!! (tribe.net) - Compete in our first contest!
UNMATA (tribe.net)
BlackSheep, Tribal Fest & Kajira (tribe.net)
The Chemical Brothers
Devyani Dance Company
Human Rodeo - presented by UNMATA, Suhaila Salimpour and The Indigo
Geisha Moth - Geisha Moth tribe
Fierce Fusion
Lauryn Peterson
Shoshannah (email only) dancnsidehe@yahoo.com

UNMATA Vids on YouTube:

Pony Play 1 2
Tribal Fest 2008
Tribal Fest 2009
Geisha Moth Designs in Improv Action 1 2

Around Town Events:

June 12-14 Asheville, NC Americana Burlesque and Sideshow Festival Hosted by Onca of Mezmer Society
June 19-21 Pembroke Pines, FL Tribal Solstice Featuring Donna Mejia
July 9-11 Orlando, FL FTD offers General Skills: FatChanceBellyDance with Performace on Sunday July 12
July 18-19 S. Petersburg, FL Tribal Burn Featuring Sarah Locke of NYC and Lacey from Florida Tribal Dance

Featured Music:

Artist: The Chemical Brothers - Amazon or The Chemical Brothers - Brotherhood
Album: Brotherhood
Songs on YIP: Chemical Beats, Believe, Do It Again, It Began In Afrika

Mix Artist: DJ Amar - Amazon or DJ Amar
Website: http://www.solunamar.com
Email to order Mixes: amar@bansuri.net
Songs on YIP: ?????....Participate in the Contest!!!

Background Music This Week:

Artist: Indidginus - Amazon or Indidginus - As Above So Below
Album: As Above So Below
Songs on YIP: Nimbus, Harmattan, Machu, Obsidian, Omega 3


Jody of Beachcombers said...

That was some doctor...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Chemical Brothers! Thanks for featuring them, Mary.

Glad to see you have a tribe...now if I can just get tribe to not shut down my computer every now and then, lol!

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