Episode 19: New Dancer Part 3 and Fan Mail

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This week on YIP Podcast Tammy and Mary welcome new bellydancer Veronica! In between Veronica's comments on ballet and what she finds lacking in Florida courtrooms, the YIP Crew pat themselves on the back with some positive fan feedback and Mary recommends three CDs that would be awesome additions to your dancing/drilling library!

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On This Episode:
Hands of Kali blog
Shay Moore's blog (Adventures of The Tribal Dancer)
Belly Dance Legacy tribe
Sword Dancing article (Bellydancingdive.com)
Shira.net tribe
Showing palms to the audience article
Obama and soles of shoes photo incident thing
Tank Girl (Awesome movie! Go watch it!)
Florida Tribal Dance
Miami Bellydance Convention
Basement Jaxx

Around Town:
November 6-8 Atlanta, Ga Donna Mejia Dance Pedagogy learn to teach from Donna Mejia
Nov 7 Orlando, Fl A Magi Belly Dance presents Divine Dance Camp. Featuring multiple workshops on everything from Egyptian to Tribal and also shopping all day!
November 13-15 West Palm Beach, Fl The Sharqi Experiment featuring Bozenka, Mira Betz, Tjarda and more!

Featured Albums:

Album: Dummy - Amazon or Portishead - Dummy
Artist: Portishead
Songs: Wandering Star, Biscuit, Glory Box, Sour Times, Roads

Album: NOW Dance Arabia 2004 - Amazon
Artists and Songs:
Fares - Bint Biladi
Hasna - Ana Kuli Leek
Karina - Ala Toul
Amr Diab - Allem Alby
Roubi - Leih Bedari Kedah

Album: Remedy - Amazon or Basement Jaxx - Remedy
Artist: Basement Jaxx
Songs: Yo-Yo, Jump n' Shout, Rendez-vu, Stop 4 Love, Red Alert

Background Music:

Artist: Deep Forest - Amazon or Deep Forest
Albums and Songs:
Deep Forest - The First Twilight
Boheme - Anasthasia
Deep Brasil - Goiano

Artist: Phil Thornton - Official site or FatChance Bellydance Catalog
Album: Nexus Tribal
Songs: Golden Gate Mist


Unknown said...

Listening to the podcast now. I first heard Portishead in Tank Girl as well (and it is a very awesome movie and soundtrack!). And they kind of got shuffled to the very very back of my brain. Thanks for bringing them up again!


Heather said...

I would love to read that sword article (when I clicked on the link, says 'page not found') :(

YIP Crew said...

Oh man! The online magazine is apparently completely defunct. So lame! I did find the author (Jheri St. James) on Facebook and requested a digital copy of the sword article, but haven't heard back from her. :-/

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