Episode 23: Mira Betz

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This week on YIP Mary and Tammy get a little help from the Alchemy Dance girls in Georgia...and what did they help with, you ask? They got us an interview with the faaabulous Mira Betz! The YIP Crew also discuss some fantastic topics in their usual vivacious, witty style!! Mary visits the folkloric and dark fusion worlds for her music reviews and Tammy keeps us in the know with some cool events coming up in 2010!

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On This Episode:

Ultra Gypsy video from 2001 (can you spot Rachel Brice?)
Armoire Awards tribe - "Crotch + Tassel" thread
Belly Dance Instructors tribe - "Book Recommendations" thread
FatChanceBellyDance tribe - Volume 8 coming soon!
Asheru on myspace (Boondocks Theme Song guy)
Higher Standards in Bellydance tribe - "Bodytipping" thread
Shira.net tribe - "Let Dolphina Give You An Underwear Makeover" - video thread
Shay Moore's blog - Adventures of The Tribal Dancer "Importance of Chorus"
Natalie's e-book
Aisha Ali - Music of the Ghawazee
Check out the Rachel Brice costume interview at BellyArtist Cafe
The Intimate Act of Choreography (book available on Amazon)
Rachel Brice's blog
mylifeisaverage.com - Celebrating the weird and delightful in the Every Day
Special thanks to Alchemy Dance for getting the Mira Betz interview for YIP!
Mira Betz's website
Alexis Michelle's blurb on Asharah (and awesome video)

Around Town:
January 7-10 Fort Worth, Tx - 3rd Coast Tribal featuring workshops with Rose Harden, Mezmer Society, Ariellah, Kami Liddle and many more!
February 8-13 Tampa, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Mexico- Hip Expressions belly dance party cruise! YIP
February 25-28 Decatur, Ga - TribalCon featuring workshops with Ariellah, Asharah, Megha, Heather Stants, Donna Mejia and more!

Featured Music:

Artist: Aisha Ali (field recordings) - Amazon or Abu Kharage Mizmar Group - Music of the Ghawazee
Album: Music of the Ghawazee
Songs: Qali Al Wada, Stick Dance, Ghaziyeh Dance

Artist: Ginormous - Amazon or Ginormous - At Night, Under Artificial Light
Album: At Night, Under Artificial Light
Songs: Awakening the Magpie in All of Us, From Deep Bore Holes, Coiled So Tightly

Background Music:

Artist: The Sounds of Taraab (on mySpace)
Album: Live at WFMU on Rob Weisberg's Show on 4/7/2007
Songs: Unalo, Lala Mpenzi Lala


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