Episode 26: Karie's Hair Couture

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This week Mary and Tammy chat up local artist Karie Sue Brown! Not only does she create fantastic feather/flower hair clips, but she's also crazy into recycling and women power! The YIP Crew also recommend some music and some cool upcoming events, beat the "kids and bellydance" topic to death and get super excited about a fan voice mail!

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On This Episode:
Shira.net tribe - "On Children Belly Dancing"
UNMATA tribe - UNMATA video game suggestions
Higher Standards in Bellydance tribe - "Power Belly Show" spoof video
Karie Sue Creations on Wordpress Etsy Facebook
Infusion Tea
Etoile Boutique
Sweet Boutique
Divine Mother Earth
Orlando Union Rescue Mission
Coffee Bag Purses
Yo Gabba Gabba
WildCard Bellydance
Fat Chance Belly Dance

KarieSue Creations!!

Little Bitty ones for little bitty people...

If you've got a flair for the dramatic!!!

Am I the only one who looks at this and thinks of Woody the Woodpecker??? Totally cute!!

Around Town:
February 8-13 Starting in Tampa - Belly Dance Party Cruise -Hip Expressions his hosting a Belly Dance Party Cruise from Tampa to the Grand Cayman and Cozumel.
February 13-14 Long Beach, Ca - Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition will have 10 categories and $5,000 Cash Prize. Suhaila and Sadie will be teaching and performing both days!
February 25-28 Decatur, Ga Tribalcon workshops with Ariellah, Asharah, Donna Mejia, Megha and many more!

Featured Music:

Artist: Mosavo - Amazon or Mosavo - Serpent's Garden
Album: Serpent's Garden
Songs: Mystic Caravan, Teasing Ways, Drum Seduction

Artist: Loreena McKennitt - Amazon or Loreena McKennitt
Albums: The Book of Secrets; The Mask and Mirror
Songs: The Mummer's Dance; The Mystic's Dream, Marrakesh Night Market

Incidental Music:

Artist: Shiva in Exile - Amazon or Shiva In Exile - Ethnic
Album: Ethnic
Songs: Akasha, Aldebaran


Anonymous said...

I know the Higher Standards in Bellydance tribe was sort of "meh" about the PowerBelly ad, but if you wanted more DRAMA LLAMA OMG, you should have seen the thread posted about it on Bellydance Video Clips. Delilah totally flipped out on everyone who didn't like the video and kind of told everyone who didn't think it was funny that they were stupid and had no sense of humor. Then made some sort of statement to the effect that she couldn't be criticized for self-promoting because there was basically nothing in the bellydance world that didn't have her name on it somewhere, and she was too busy being awesome to care about the opinions of all the people who were surely just bitches in real life as well as online.

Then she deleted the thread. Damn it, I should have done a screen capture! :-P

Anonymous said...

Mosavo is a great review choice - so many good tunes! There's a DVD called Tribal Essence With Aubre that teaches a beautiful tribal fusion choreography to Mosavo's Teasing Ways. You can find the trailer for it on YouTube.I haven't learned the choreo yet but it's on my To Do list.

I also like the Loreena McKennitt songs you chose. Isadora Bushkovski performed a skirt dance to Marrakesh Night Market at a show in Wisconsin but there aren't any clips of that performance posted (sigh).

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