Episode 28: All Things Zanbaka

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This week YIP welcomes bellydance instructional book-writer extraordinaire Zanbaka to the program! (That sentence was a mouthful, wasn't it?) The Crew also pose a question to our listeners and ramble on about some other interesting tribe topics! Mary suggests some awesome music and Tammy recommends a whole slew of amazing events that are spread across the month of March!

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On This Episode:
Where do you listen to YIP? - YIP Podcast tribe
Silicone Nerve Bra
101 Reasons we Love Tribal Style Bellydance - ATS tribe
Euphraxia Talk Radio
Dance Dreams?! - Dancer's Mind tribe
Zanbaka and Bellydance for the Versatile Dancer book series
Journey Through Egypt (Sahra Kent camp)
Middle East Dance Camp
Colleena Wedding
Copper Clock - YIP listeners Sarah Kate and Letty will be performing at Cues and Tattoos!!

Around Town:
February 27-March 6 Las Vegas, Nv Tribal Massive workshops with Rachel Brice, Amy Sigil, Heather Stants and more!
March 5-7 Pamona, Ca Gothla workshops with Tempest, Sashi, Asharah and more.
March 12-14 Orlando, Fl MegaCon featuring Florida Tribal Dance and Phonecia.
March 12-14 Richmond, Ca Rakkasah West featuring Jamila Salimpour, Suhaila Salimpour, Leila Haddad, and Sera Solstice.
March 19-21 St. Petersburg, Fl Beledi Beach Bash featuring Sadie!
March 20-21 Midland, Tx Tribal Force - workshops with John Compton, Michelle Manx and more.
March 26-28 Seattle, Wa Cues & Tattoos featuring Carolena, Megha, Amy Sigil, Read My Hips and more!

Featured Artists:
Artist: Americanistan - Amazon or Americanistan - Tribalation!
Album: Tribalation!
Songs: Celebration, Spirit Flame, Swing

Artist: Nancy Ajram - Amazon or Nancy Ajram
Album: Princess Supper Star Zai el Nar; The Greatest Songs Ever: Middle East
Songs: Akhasmak Ah, Inta Eh; Ah W Noss

Additional Music:

Artist: Ensemble Al Asdeka - Amazon or Ensemble Al-Asdeka - Ensemble Al-Asdeka
Album: Ensemble Al Asdeka
Songs: La Roza Linda, Twilight on the Nile, Lake of Clouds


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