Episode 44: Deanna of Devyani

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YIP Podcast welcomes DeAnna from Devyani to the program! (Yay for alliteration!!) DeAnna stopped by the YIP studios the morning after an ATS workshop hosted by Florida Tribal Dance last fall. Then we tucked her interview away until now (because Tammy told me to)...just weeks before Devyani hosts General Skills and Teacher Training with Carolena Nericcio! In this - the only in-studio a.m. YIP recording in existance - DeAnna becomes an honorary YIP host, dishes on what working with Megha is like, and - along with Tammy - waxes enthusiastic about excel spreadsheets!

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On This Episode:
"Steampunk Bellydance" - Double Take Bellydance (Blog by Shay)
"Not So Steampunk Belly Dance" - The Gilded Serpent
"Brain, Heart, Liver-Where is your dance from?"" - Tempest's Teapot (Blog by Tempest)
Stephanie Farley of The Hot Toddies Flaming Cabaret
Majda Anwar of Awalim
Jeremiah Soto - Solace and Eventide Music Productions
Olivia Kissel of Zafira
John Compton of Hahbi 'Ru
Ziah of Awalim
Troupe 'Hip'notic
Sarah of Simply Becoming Designs
"Newbie Game?" - Belly Dance Instructors (tribe.net)
Gia al Qamar - "Create a combo" Bellydance Card Deck
"Tribal BellyDance Mini-Classes on Youtube" - Belly Dance Instructors (tribe.net)
WildCard BellyDance
"cuttin' and slashin'...tees", "chiffon cape!" - DIY/Bellydance on a Budget (tribe.net)
"The real cost of sponsoring a workshop!" - The Biz of Belly Dance (tribe.net)
"Article on GS: She's got the Look" thread - Bellydance for the Versatile Dancer (tribe.net)
"She's Got the Look!" - original article on The Gilded Serpent
"Ethnic Dance Festival", "...and speaking of folk art..." - FatChance BellyDance: Director's Cut (Blog by Carolena)
"Wine, Women, and Cheese...and Irons" - Naima's Bellydance Blog
Ruben van Rompaey
DeAnna and Megha of Devyani Dance Company
Petite Jamilla
"New ATS" discussion
FCBD General Skills and Teacher Training in Birmingham
The Gaslight Troubadours
Beats Antique
Yard Dogs Road Show
Eminem/Lil Wayne Impression on SNL

Around Town:
March 25-27 (Orlando, Fl) Phoenicia and Lacey of Florida Tribal Dance will both be teach at Megacon! Comic books and belly dancers, how much more fun could you ask for?
March 31-April 3 (Ingram, TX) Michelle Manx - presents Tribal Dance Camp 2011 where she will be teaching as well as classes with Kajira Djoumahna, and Bahaia.

Featured Artists:

Artist: Ruben van Rompaey - Amazon
Album: Eastern Expressions 2 - Gomera
Songs: Gomera, El Cedro, Fuji

Album: Waltzes, Glitches and Brass - The New Sounds of Vaudeville - Amazon or EMPCD.com Only available in CD format! (But it's worth the "snail mail" wait!!!)
"Twizzle" - The Gaslight Troubadours
"Multin" - Gipsy.cz
"Blockhead (Beats Antique Mix)" - Yard Dogs Road Show

Additional Music:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Ahsas - Solace
Album: Ahsas
Songs: Blessing, Khatar, Redemption, Forsaken, Kronos, Kama


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