Episode 60: April Rose

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Whassup, YIPpers?? We are back in the game with an awesome interview with April Rose - an alumna of UNMATA and the Bellydance Superstars - AND a special mini-moment with Zoe Jakes! Tammy updates us on what's going on around the web, Mary gives a (somewhat overdue) revue of Tribal Con, and both of them wonder how they managed to mention so many silly video clips in one episode. Hmmm....

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On This Episode:

"Does Your Teacher Have Your Best Interest At Heart?" - Sa'diyya (via Gilded Serpent)
"Reversal of a Policy - Men In Class" - Shay's blog Adventures of a Tribal Dancer
"iPhone make up App...FREE" - Make up and Hair for Dancers (tribe.net)
"Thought for the Week" - Tribal Pilgrims (Sakura Tribal blog)
Dance Walking Fitness with Ben Aaron (youtube.com)
My top three awesome flash mob scenes from Step Up 4: (Who cares about plot?)
 - Restaurant mob (not my favorite dance, really, but I love the song!)
 - Office mob
 - Opening street scene 

Mardi Love and Ela Rogers come to South Florida! (I'm totes going!!!)
Datura Online
Sedona Soul Fire
Sara Beaman at Tribal Con 2013
Sahira at Tribal Con 2013
Amy and Kari being awesome during a soundboard glitch
Jaylee at Tribal Con 2013
"Afterglow" - Phaeleh feat. Soundmouse
Sparrow - "Weight of the World" at Alternacirque
"Jack Sparrow" - The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton
April Rose
Tribal Con
"Critical languages" government grants
"April Rose, Dance documentary"
Suhaila Salimpour
April Rose's "Keeping On" set at Tribal Fest 2012
Gilded Serpent Gig Bag
Aubre Hill
April Rose in "I See You" (The part we talked about starts at about 1:50)
April Rose in "Parasitic" (My favorite part starts at 1:40! Creepy!!)
Los Angeles Bellydance Academy - Stevie Cabaret (a.k.a. Stefanya)
April Rose in her short drum solo with BDSS

April Rose in her super cute stripe-y top! - Photo by Leah Perry

Earth Ships
Yacht rock
Rihanna "Pour It Up" (Money song)
Rihanna "Birthday Cake" (I like this choreo...)
Stina Nordenstam "Little Star"
Woody Guthrie "This Land Is Your Land"
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Savage Lovecast
The Dinner Party Download
Goats Screaming Like Humans
Taylor Swift and the Goats
True Facts About the Seahorse
Yip Yip Aliens from Sesame Street
Skip vonKuske
ElitrickKids (on SoundCloud)
Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique
Extra Action Marching Band

Featured Music:

Album: Set Sail - Amazon or
Artist: Sparrow
Songs: Weight of the World, Bird Song, Set Sail

Album: Tribal Beats, Vol. 3 - Amazon or
Track 1: "Loss" - Skip vonKuske
Track 2: "Rock the Whole Planet" - Fingathing
Track 3: "Eli Saidi" - ElitrickKids

Additional Music:
Album: The Gathering Season - Amazon or
Artist: Solace
Songs: All


Anonymous said...

I listened to this podcast today...*CRACKIN UP*.......you bitches rock....so much fun to listen you guys Laugh!!!!!...i am a fan now.....FLEA

Unknown said...

Hiya! How can we suggest music to feature on a future episode? I'm a bellydancer AND musician and have been trying to email and call. (The number you have listed won't go through, and Google is giving me a hard time.) Thanks!

Sara Beaman said...

You guys, thank you for the mention!!! You made my day!!

olga said...

girls, i can't really find the yip podcast music playlist on spotify - can you link to it or sth?

YIP Crew said...

Hello Olga! Spotify is kind of being a brat and I'm also having a hard time finding the list using the search function! When I type in "YIP Podcast Music" and press "enter" nothing comes up. But when I type it in and then wait before pressing "enter" I see the playlist suggestion appear on the drop down menu. I've also just posted a link to the playlist on our Facebook group: Fans of YIP Podcast. If neither of these options works for you then let us know via comment or drop us a line at email@yippodcast.com and I'll do some more research. Thanks for listening!!! :-) YIP!! Mary

YIP Crew said...

Hello Amira! Sorry for the late reply! If our email address isn't working then you're more than welcome to post a link to your music on our Facebook page - Fans of YIP Podcast - or you can put a link in another comment on this blog page. Thanks for listening! YIP!!! Mary

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