Episode 62: Ariellah

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It's been a long time, YIPpers, but we are back! (And more giggly than usual, I'm afraid...don't expect a lot of substance from this episode!) This episode features the fabulous Ariellah!! She's pretty fantastic, articulate and awesome and we hope you enjoy! We've also got a couple new music recommendations and some random eye candy (scroll down). Happy yipping!

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On This Episode:
30 Day Plank Challenge

You can do this, girl. I believe in you!

 I couldn't find a picture of a sexy guy with a  2x4...so I added this instead...
Princess Farhana - The Belly Dance Handbook: A Companion For The Serious Dancer
Tempest's Teapot - Tending the Flame Without Burning Out
Laura Barselou
Lacey Sanchez - Florida Tribal Dance
Third Coast Tribal Fest

Alla Kushnir and her fabulous...eye makeup.

Belly Dance for Change - flickr pics
Suhaila Salimpour
Note: As of this moment....www.IPunchDancers.com is available for purchase! :-P
The Peace Corps
Rick Astley - Okay, yes, I know who this is....
Deshret Dance Company
Lindsey Stirling (Oh and this ep is so old, her new album is now out AND the concert I am going to is this Thursday!!!!  -Tammy)
Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling - "Radioactive"
Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling
Moon Trance - Lindsey Stirling

Featured Music:

Album: Orient Noir: A West-Eastern Diva - Amazon or
Song 1: We Daret El Ayam - Salwa Abou Greisha
Song 2: The 2nd Night in Mohamed 'Ali Street - Mahmoud Fadl
Song 3: Im Nin'Alu - Watcha Clan

Album: Lindsey Stirling - Amazon or
Album: Lindsey Stirling
Songs: Crystallize, Song of the Caged Bird, Moon Trance

Additional Music:

Album: The Gathering Season - Amazon or
Artist: Solace
Song: Huda


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