Episode 5: Bellydancing Men?! Heck yeah!

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Picking up where the last episode left off - this week Tammy and Mary interview a male bellydancer about the good and the bad of being a male bellydancer in a female dominated art form. Tammy talks about the DIY tribe, and Mary remains envious of Tammy's weekend of workshops with UNMATA!

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On This Episode:

DIY - Bellydance on a Budget (tribe.net)
The Polite, Sober & Friendly Bellydancer (tribe.net)
I Can Has Cheezburger - Get your giggle on!
Balkan Beat Box
PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment)
Tribal Muses - Cat Bruce, director
Florida Tribal Dance - Lacey Sanchez, director
SCA - The Society for Creative Anachronism
Bhrigha's Bellyworks
Romka - The Sword Dance (on youtube.com)
Read My Hips
Massive Attack
Tribal Burn 2009 - A Hip Expressions Event

Around Town Events:

June 5-7 Orlando, FL
Festival on the Nile Featuring Dawn from GA
June 6-7 Augusta, GA Southern Oasis Featuring Unmata
June 12-14 Asheville, NC Americana Burlesque and Sideshow Festival Hosted by Onca of Mezmer Society
June 19-21 Pembroke Pines, FL Tribal Solstice Featuring Donna Mejia
July 9-11 Orlando, FL FTD offers General Skills: FatChanceBellyDance with Performace on Sunday July 12

Featured Music:

Artist: Balkan Beat Box (buy on Amazon or Balkan Beat Box)
Albums: Balkan Beat Box, Nu Med
Songs on YIP: Ramallah Tel Aviv, Habibi Min Zaman, Joro Boro

Artist: Massive Attack (buy on Amazon or Massive Attack - Collected)
Album: Collected
Songs on YIP: Teardrop, Inertia Creeps, Karmacoma

Background Music This Week:

Artist: Moroccan Spirit (buy on Amazon or Moroccan Spirit - Moroccan Spirit)
Album: Moroccan Spirit
Songs on YIP: Midunya, Jim I Nim, Jilala II-Nocturnal Ritual, La Mamounia

Artist: Massive Attack (buy on Amazon or Massive Attack - Collected)
Album: Collected
Songs on YIP: Angel


YIP Crew said...
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Anonymous said...

What a very odd thing to say.

YIP Crew said...

LOL! It was a test post and then we meant to delete it, but didn't know that it doesn't fully delete...oops! :-P

Jody of Beachcombers said...

The perfect set of comments for you first, Mary and Tammy!

Great podcast! I liked hearing about Matt's challenges as a male belly dancer and keeping it "manly".

Oooohhh...what's going on with Nadine?

Anonymous said...

Good show Matt! Thanks for the shout out!


Katie B. said...

Very cool to hear of Matt's joys and initial trials with trying to follow his heart. Having danced with him on a number of occasions I can whole-heartedly say that he is a treasure and a joy to work with. Yip!

Sarah Kate said...

Can't wait to listen to this one! I just caught up with the rest of the episodes ... and now I'm so excited to hear the interview with Matt ... and I want to know what will happen next in Shimmy Cove! (I'm hooked.)

Anonymous said...

Same here, totally hooked, a friend passed this one to me and i listenede to 2 episodes and then had to go back and work from the beginning. Tammy and Mary, you guys are so charismatic, energetic and goofily fun to listen to.

I love how i can keep up with Tribe just by listening to your clips.

I have to ask though. Since your 2 listener follower days: Do you have an idea of what kind of traffic you're now getting?

If you don't let's chat offline about getting stats reporting setup for your site.

You guys are really creating a fun positive vibe out this. Totally super n awesome!

Nix from the UK

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