Episode 15: A *Very* Brief YIP With Jessica!

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On this episode of YIP Podcast Tammy and Mary interview Jessica, who has recently become the newest member of a local bellydance troupe. Mary recommends some great new music and Tammy talks about the dangers of cheeeeese!

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On This Episode:
Reconstructed Clothing (tribe.net)
Swordtastic Shenanigans (tribe.net)
Hands of Kali double sword clips: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Hollie's studio - Elements of Dance
Lacey's studio - Florida Tribal Dance
Fat Chance Bellydance General Skills

Around Town:
September 26 Lantana, Fl Tribal Dawn Featuring workshops on Double Cane, Poi, Sword and ATS Basics
October 3-4 Kissimmee, Fl Festival on the Nile
Featuring Rachel George
October 8-11 Asheville, NC Triboriginal
Featuring Jill Parker, Mezmer Society, Mavi, Natalie Brown, Zi'ah
October 16-18 Fort Worth, TX Tribal Alchemy
Benefits SafeHaven of Tarrent County featuring Rose Harden, Elizabeth Strong, Natalie Brown, Mira Betz, Shakra, Dave Hall, Asharah, Belladonna, Sooz, Urban Gypsy
October 16-18 Sacramento, CA Blood Moon Regale
Unmata's Annual event!!! This year's theme is the Wizard of Oz!

Featured Music:

Artist: Bitter:Sweet - Amazon or Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game
Album: The Mating Game
Songs: Don't Forget to Breathe, Moving Forward, Dirty Laundry

Artist: Higher Octave Music - Amazon or Moroccan Spirit - Moroccan Spirit
Album: Moroccan Spirit
Songs: Moroccan Soul, Moussem Of Regragas, Jilala I - Nocturnal Ritual

Background Music:

Artist: Four Stones - Amazon or Four Stones - Chronic Dreams
Album: Chronic Dreams
Songs: Calling Ella Baker, Art vs Process

Artist: Higher Octave Music - Amazon or Moroccan Spirit - Moroccan Spirit
Album: Moroccan Spirit
Songs: Midunya


Anonymous said...

Hi girls, love the podcast! I just found it 2 days ago, and couldn't believe someone was talking about bellydance! I love hearing your opinions and experiences. Keep up the great shows! YIP! Phoenix

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