Episode 17: Alchemy and Cake/Craft Digression

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This week on the podcast the YIP Crew have good intentions of staying focused and talking about how awesome Alchemy is (because they totally are), but get caught in a conversation spiral of blogs, t-shirts and cake. Mary recommends some more awesome music, Tammy recommends a bunch of awesome events that the YIP Crew can't afford to go to (le sigh...) and Jack gets slapped on Shimmy Cove!

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On This Episode:
Dancer's Mind ("Miss Jackson, if you're nasty" thread)
Google Reader
Bellydance Paladin
Adventures of a Tribal Dancer - Shay's blog
Almost Famous - Megan Hartmann blog (The mystery blog Mary couldn't remember!)
Belly Dancer's Mind - Aziza Sa'id blog
Freecycle - Find your local Freecycle group and be more green!
BUST Magazine
Cake Wrecks blog - When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong!
Threadless T-shirts - Really cool, go wander around the site for a little while...or a long while!
Threadcakes - Threadless T-shirts become awesome cakes!
ThreadBanger - Cool crafting, sew-it-yourself, DIY site
WhatTheCraft.com - Another awesome DIY/sewing site
Wax Tailor
The Llama Song by Burton Earny (Llama llama DUCK! Shout out to SK for showing this to Mary many moons ago...)

Around Town:
October 2-4 Kissimmee, Fl Festival on the Nile Featuring Rachel George
October 3-4 Augusta, Ga Southern Mirage Featuring Mira Betz
October 8-11 Asheville, NC Triboriginal Featuring Jill Parker, Mezmer Society, Mavi, Natalie Brown, Zi'ah
October 16-18 Fort Worth, TX Tribal Alchemy
Benefits SafeHaven of Tarrent County featuring Rose Harden, Elizabeth Strong, Natalie Brown, Mira Betz, Shakra, Dave Hall, Asharah, Belladonna, Sooz, Urban Gypsy. Watch the Promo video.
October 16-18 Sacramento, CA Blood Moon Regale Unmata's Annual event!!! This year's theme is the Wizard of Oz!
October 22-26 Washington, DC Belly Horror Show and workshops featuring Asharah, Shakra, Desert Sin and more!
Oct 24 Orlando, FL Evening Unveiled 13, Orlando Bellydance Student Showcase
Nov 1 Sanford, FL Tribal Garden 3, Florida Tribal Dance Student Showcase
November 6-8 Atlanta, Ga Donna Mejia Dance Pedagogy learn to teach from Donna Mejia
November 13-15 West Palm Beach, Fl The Sharqi Experiment featuring Bozenka, Mira Betz, Tjarda and more!

Featured Music:

Artist: Wax Tailor - Amazon or Wax Tailor - Hope & Sorrow
Album: Hope And Sorrow
Songs: The Way We Lived, Alien In My Belly, The Games You Play

Album: The Rough Guide to the Music of North Africa - Amazon
Artists: Hossam Shaker, Mahmoud Fadi, Ali Hassan Kuban
Songs: Lama Bada Yata Sama, Maqsoum, Habibi

Background Music:

Artist: Ruben Van Rompaey - Amazon or Ruben van Rompaey - Eastern Expressions 3: Asahi
Album: Eastern Expressions 3: Asahi
Songs: Grande Rue De Pera, Catherine's Mood, Amanogawa (Milky Way)

Artist: Shiva in Exile - Amazon or Shiva In Exile - Ethnic
Album: Ethnic
Songs: Manju, Akasha, Aldebaran


Unknown said...

I've been a student of Mari's for almost two years. She is the best teacher. Her mentorships is two-fold. She has a wonderful understanding of the mechanics of bellydance, and has a wonderful knack of explaining moves. She also gets me through the sticky spots and listens to all my frustrated venting! I highly recommend her class to anyone!
ps. Keep it up ladies, you make my drive to work much more enjoyable!

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