Episode 41: The Husbands Speak!

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Two of our favorite bellydancer husbands swing by the YIP studios to share their thoughts on bellydance and marriage! George Perez and Ismael "June" Alsina both dote on their lovely wives (Carol and Keely, respectively). One wife dances classical bellydance, one dances tribal fusion - what drama will ensue when these two combatants enter the ring?!?

Just kidding! We're all friends here...sorry if you were looking forward to some drama! :-)

Mary also indulges her love for pop music and Tammy plugs an event taught by George's lovely wife (and friend of YIP) - Carol!

Also a Quick Note: In case anyone was curious, Keely (June's wife) has had their baby since the recording of this episode. Mom and Baby are both healthy and happy!

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On This Episode:
That Girl Is A Singing, Dancing Fool (Nielle's blog) - "Snake Hips" Bellydance Book
"Snake Hips" by Anne Thomas Soffee - buy on Amazon
Chip 'n' Dale
Chippendales (Put your shirt on!)
Hipmix.net - Dilara's Diary - "On A Belly Dance Budget: It's Me Or The Gypsy Skirt!"
Sally from Australia
S.E.T. Therapy
Bellydance Paladin - "Dancing is acting without words."
The Belly Whisperer - "Oh Hell, Now I Done it." - "Straight Pimpin'"
The Pussycat Dolls
George Perez - Bellydance husband extraordinaire!! (And we hear he draws, as well...)
Lacey Sanchez - Florida Tribal Dance
Rachel George
The Moonlight Players
Azam Ali
Greg Ellis
Mary's awesome(?) bellydance joke!!

Around Town:
January 8-13 (Bali, Indonesia) Cinzia of Les Soeurs Tribales hosts workshops with Paulette plus yoga and Balinese dance.
January 22-23 (Orlando, Fl) Stellar Advantage presents workshops with Mia Sha’uri.
January 25-30 (Kalani, HI) Delilah's Belly Dance Retreat - workshops with Ruby, Delilah, January 29th (Tallahassee, Fl) Arabian Flair presents a Fan Veilz & Traveling/Turning workshop with Phonecia!

Featured Music:

Artist: The Pussycat Dolls - Amazon or Doll Domination - The Pussycat Dolls
Album: Doll Domination
Songs: Painted Windows, Hush Hush - Hush Hush, Jai Ho

Artist: Azam Ali - Amazon or Portals of Grace - Azam Ali
Album: Portals of Grace
Songs: Breton Melody, El rey de Francia, Sackpipslat

Additional Music:

Artist: Countdown Mix Masters - Amazon or Get Ready for This - Dance Hits - Move This
Album: Dance Hits - Move This
Songs: Get Ready for This

Artist: Moroccan Spirit - Amazon or Moroccan Spirit - Moroccan Spirit
Album: Moroccan Spirit
Songs: La Mamounia, Midunya, Jim I Nim, Jilala II-Nocturnal Ritual, Derviche, Moussem Of Regragas, La Mamounia (for a second time)


HipChristina said...

Loved this podcast! Ok, and apologies but I couldn't tell who said they are a Whedon fan... because I am such a fanatic and just love that you are too.

And because my humor is of that of a two-year-old, when you said RE: Dilara's blog that you do, do #2, I have to say my mind went to bathroom activities, so you had the whole HipMix office laughing.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for all the laughs! You guys are great.

namaah said...

Going thru Yip withdrawal ... oh where are the new podcasts :)

YIP Crew said...

Don't despair, namaah! A new episode will be up next week!



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