Episode 43: Mixed Tape with Jennie!

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Everyone loves a mixed tape! You'll be getting a couple of short-section 'casts as we dust off some lonely clips that never quite made it into an episode...but they deserve just as much love, so here they are! On this episode we have a brief check-in with costumer Elizabeth, and then spend some quality time with awesome YIP listener, Jennie! There's also some fantastic, listener-recommended music, and Tammy keeps sexy around!! (I know, that doesn't make sense yet, but listen to the episode, Grasshopper, and all will become clear!)

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On This Episode:
"I Am Become Pure, Destroyer of Dreams" discussion thread - shira.net tribe
"I Am Become Pure, Destroyer of Dreams" Article - Gilded Serpent
"2011 Dance Goals", "Favorite Belly Dance Magazine?", "Anyone here??" - YIP Podcast Tribe
Ashner by Elizabeth
Elevation 2011
"Practice. And more practice." - The Right and Kind Reverend (by Amy)
"Workshop Etiquette" - The Kentuckiana Middle Eastern Dance Review (by Jen)
Florida Tribal Dance - Facebook page, Fundraiser information!
Stardust Video and Coffee (on Facebook)
Tim Rayborn
"Belly Dance: Orientalism, Transnationalism, And Harem Fantasy" on Amazon
Buffy - Once More With Feeling
Abney Park

Around Town:

March 16-22 (Verdenergia, Costa Rica)
The Jungle Raks - workshops with Sedona, Salome, and Yemaya.
March 19 (Orlando, FL) Florida Tribal Dance fund-raiser at Stardust
March 18-20 (Ocean City, MD) Art of the Belly - workshops with Ava Fleming, Belladonna, Sera Solstice, and more.
March 31-April 3 (Ingram, TX) Michelle Manx - presents Tribal Dance Camp 2011 where she will be teaching as well as classes with Kajira Djoumahna, and Bahaia.

Featured Artists:

Artist: Tim Rayborn - Amazon or Veils of Light - Tim Rayborn
Album: Veils of Light
Songs: Gilim, Yedi tekrar, Saz taksim

Artist: Abney Park - Amazon or Æther Shanties - Abney Park
Album: Aether Shanties
Songs: Under the Radar, Until the Day You Die, Building Steam

Additional Music:

Artist: The Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club of Zanzibar - Amazon or Made In Zanzibar - The Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club of Zanzibar
Album: Made in Zanzibar
Songs: Bolero - Extended Version, A Rainy Day in Zanzibar

Artist: The Mogador Band - Amazon (Not available on iTunes)
Album: Bellydancing for Fortune and Fame
Songs: Ipeksi, Caravan


Amy said...

Thanks for the mention! Sadly my intense practice has been scaled back because I messed up my back doing yoga. Today I pulled out a veil, though, and it felt food physically and mentally. Here's to more dance joy!

YIP Crew said...

Sorry to hear about your back; that sucks!! Thanks for the mention on your blog, by the way! Wishing you a speedy recovery - YIP!!! :-) Mary

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