Episode 52: Asharah and Sherefe!

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In this episode of YIP Mary and Tammy talk about their New Year's resolutions and the blogs that are continuing to entertain and inform. This episode also brings us the melodious voices of not one, not two, but THREE special guests! Heather Stants joins us for a brief cameo to chat about music; Asharah tells us about her beginnings and her journey so far through Suhaila's certification program; and (surprise guest!) Jesse Manno from the ensemble Sherefe (Boulder, CO) Skypes in to talk about his awesome group! So much cool stuff in this episode it'll blow your MIND!!

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On This Episode:
Dallas Observer article via the fab Shira
Fans of YIP! Podcast - Facebook group
Hot Pot studios (and UNMATA!)
YIP! Podcast (tribe.net) - "When did you consider yourself a dancer?"
Bellydance Revolution mixes
Sweater Shrug things are from Threaded Visions!
Fl!pside Creations (on Etsy)
Bellydance Paladin (Asharah's blog) - "I just loved her costume..."
Deep Roots Dance (Shay Moore's blog) - "Fabulous Tribal Styling for Super Short Hair"
Heather Labonte Modern Bellydance (blog) - "Tendu"
Tempest's Teapot - "A challenge to the community"
The Bellydance Blog - "How the dancer lost her mojo, and found it again..."
Asharah - The Bellydance Paladin
Hahbi 'Ru
Kim Leary
Suhaila Salimpour
Beth Quist

Around Town:
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Featured Artists:

Artist: Shantel - Amazon or Shantel
Song #1: "Disko Partizani" - Disko Partizani
Song #2: "Glazart Sea" - Auf der anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven soundtrack)
Song #3: "Mahalageasca" (Shantel & Mahala Rai Banda) - Bucovina Mixtape Vol. 1

Artist: Sherefe -Amazon or Sala Sala - Sherefe
Album: Sala Sala
Songs: W'nindum Al'Ashra L'Ghalia, Dort Beygir, Thracian Rucenitsa

Additional Music:

Artist: Sherefe - Amazon or Sala Sala - Sherefe
Album: Sala Sala
Songs: Baliklar Derya icinde, Tris Frangopoules, Evlerinin Onu Mersin, Nedir Bu Telasin Kaslarin Kayrasina

Artist: Shantel - Amazon or Shantel
Album: Disko Partizani
Songs: Disko Partizani, Andante Levante

Artist: Beth Quist - Amazon or Beth Quist
Album #1: New Moon
Songs: Deep Well, New Moon
Album #2:
Shall We Dance
Song: Ritual


Anonymous said...

I love Mahalageasca. Our troupe has danced to it a few times. Great for some fast ATS action!

Abby Abell said...

npr did a story of workout mixes

the story

the mix

Shantel said...

Its funny when Shantel (the music artist) shares the same name as me Shantel (friend from Florida Tribal Dance) and ts pronounced differently. And I can belly dance to his music. O_o oooooo

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