Episode 10: FCBD, Hoops & Knowing Your Music

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Tammy and Mary welcome Anna from South Florida to the show! A FatChance General Skills graduate, Anna gives some insight on what to expect from the course and from Carolena. Tammy gets excited about hooping, Mary puts on her serious voice to talk about responsible music selection (and then ruins the mood by getting giggly over a game about goo) and some mellow music spotlights move the show along.

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On This Episode:
Hula Hooping (tribe.net)
Hooping + Improv tribal thread from Alaska (tribe.net)
World Hoop Day
Take the iPod quiz! (on the YIP tribe)
Bellydance Lyrics Translations (tribe.net)
BD Paladin on Selecting Music (Asharah's blog)
World of Goo - Yes, demos are available
Download World of Goo soundtrack
Deep Forest
FatChance BellyDance
Email Laura to host a Makeup workshop 

Anna's Interview:
Pamela Luedtke
Palika Benton (Heavy Hips Tribal)
Isidora Bushkovski
Aisha Ali Music recommendations
Saladin's Orchestra - Barbary Coast Blues
Gogol Bordello

Around Town Events:
July 18 St. Augustine, FL Tamalyn Dallal There will be a Hafla that evening and a movie showing Friday July 17th
July 18-19 St. Petersburg, FL Tribal Burn Featuring Sarah Locke of NYC and Lacey from Florida Tribal Dance
July 25 Orlando, FL Avalon Psychic Faire and Faery Fest Featuring dancers from Florida Tribal Dance
July 29 Orlando, FL Club Firestone Featuring Gogol Bordello
August 1 Birmingham, AL Devyani reopens studio (YAY!) and Features Aziza for a drum solo workshop!
August 8 Half Moon Bay, CA Unmata Rodeo! featuring Unmata as ponies, The Indigo as Saloon Girls, and Suhaila as the Rodeo Queen!!!

Featured Music:

Artist: Deep Forest - Amazon or Deep Forest
Album: Deep Forest
Songs: The First Twilight, Night Bird, Hunting

Artist: Dead Can Dance - Amazon or Dead Can Dance - Wake
Album: Wake
Songs: Yulunga, Song of the Nile, The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

Background Music:

Artist: Kyle Gabler - Free online download
Album: World of Goo Soundtrack
Songs: Regurgitation Pumping Station, Red Carpet Extend-O-Matic, Rain Rain Windy Windy, Years of Work, (Best of Times and Red Carpet Extend-O-Matic played alone)

Artist: Deep Forest - Amazon or Deep Forest
Album: Boheme
Songs: Deep Folk Song, Freedom Cry, Twosome


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