Episode 11b: FatChance Interview!! (Pt 2)

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The second half of the Carolena/Megha interview, and the YIP Crew make a token effort to review the show and the General Skills workshop.

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On This Episode:
The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle - Amazon
Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World by Moskowitz & Romero - Amazon
More about Guan Yin
Amel Tafsout
Raquy and the Cavemen
Hossam Ramzy
Aisha Ali - Field recordings
GS / TT Private Tribe (thread discussion only)

Around Town:
July 29 Orlando, FL Club Firestone Featuring Gogol Bordello
August 1 Birmingham, AL Devyani reopens studio (YAY!) and Features Aziza for a drum solo workshop!
August 8 Half Moon Bay, CA Unmata Rodeo! featuring Unmata as ponies, The Indigo as Saloon Girls, and Suhaila as the Rodeo Queen!!!

Featured Music:

Artist: Helm - Amazon or Helm - Itneen - Tribal Dance/ Tribal Drums
Album: Itneen - Tribal Dance/Tribal Drums
Songs: Hosanni Oo, Maleh U Filfil, Amel

Background Music:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Solace - Balance
Album: Balance
Songs: Dragon & Sword, Djinn, Indigo Dragonfly


dropdeaddusty said...

Thanks so much for posting these interviews, it's been very interesting to listen to as a new tribal dancer, you guys did an incredible job of showing the very endearing and human side of Caroleena and Megha. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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