Episode 9: Wicked Sites and Makeup Mistakes

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Tammy and Mary welcome new dancer Debbie to the podcast and talk about how she got started (it turns out that friends don't let friends NOT take bellydance!). The YIP Crew also welcome back Makeup Maven Laura, who shares the Top 5 Makeup Mistakes that she sees committed by dancers! Mary recommends two new artists, Tammy recommends a few wickedly fun sites, we find out how lucky public education is to NOT have Mary as a geography teacher, and the bear makes another appearance on Shimmy Cove!

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On This Episode:

The Foul, Drunk & Hostile Bellydancer (tribe.net)
FMyLife.com - Think your day is going bad? Think again...
Texts From Last Night - Texts that never should have been sent.
ATS (tribe.net)
Belly Dance Legacy (tribe.net)
Geisha Moth (tribe.net)
Gypsy Caravan
Dr. Sketchy Orlando
Thomas Thorspecken
Wet 'n' Wild Taupe #648 Eyebrow Pencil

Around Town Events:
July 9-11 Orlando, FL FTD offers General Skills: FatChanceBellyDance with Performace on Sunday July 12
July 12 Orlando, FL PURE Workshop with Kaeshi (going to the website will allow you to pay in advance!)
July 18 St. Augustine, FL Tamalyn Dallal There will be a Hafla that evening and a movie showing Friday July 17th
July 18-19 S. Petersburg, FL Tribal Burn Featuring Sarah Locke of NYC and Lacey from Florida Tribal Dance

Featured Music:

Artist: Gipsy.cz - Amazon or Gipsy.cz - Romano Hip Hop
Album: Romano Hip Hop
Songs: 7/8, Jednou, Romano Hip Hop

Artist: Gypsy Caravan - Amazon or Gypsy Caravan - Migration
Album: Migration
Songs: St. Peter, Mirage, Highland

Background Music This Week:

Artist: Solace - Amazon or Solace - Nagari
Album: Nagari / Satya
Songs: Bane of Desire, Sorrow & Veil, Heretic / Bhaaval


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