Episode 11a: FatChance Interview!! (Pt 1)

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Carolena (FatChance BellyDance) and her business partner Megha (Devyani Dance Company) hang out with Tammy and Mary at the YIP studios! How can the YIP Crew possibly put their giddiness into words?!? (It was awesome!!!)

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On This Episode:
Too Much Drama to Dance (tribe.net)
FatChance BellyDance Tribe (tribe.net)
ATS Tribe (tribe.net)
Tribal: Pura (tribe.net)
Carolena's Blog
Cheb Khaled
FCBD dancing to Aicha
- The whole performance rocks, but Aicha comes in at 3:37.
FatChance BellyDance
Devyani Dance Company
Devyani Youtube Channel
WHAT is string theory? (lol...)
Revisit old bellydance record covers!

Featured Artists:

Artist: Cheb Khaled - Amazon or Khaled - Sahra
Album: Sahra
Songs: Wahrane Wahrane, Aicha, Sahra

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Artist: Solace - Amazon or Solace - Ahsas
Album: Ahsas
Songs: Circle, Kama

Artist: Cheb Khaled - Amazon or Khaled - Sahra
Album: Sahra
Song: Detni Essekra


Shay Moore The TribalDancer said...

The tribe you are referring to for General Skills and Teacher Trainee graduates is ATSGSTT, and I am the moderator. You can ask myself or Carolena to send you an invitation to the tribe if you are a graduate.

JoY said...

I love your podcasts!!!

Vesperholly said...

I totally love your podcasts but, wow, was I disappointed to hear the hate on pole dance rant! As someone who practices both pole and bellydance, I think it's really too bad that women in the dance community have to participate in exactly the kind of nasty judgement and stereotyping that you are upset bellydance falls prey to. Most women taking pole are not, and are never interested in being, strippers. These women are athletes, and are as strong and beautiful as can be. Serious catty judgement here, ladies... I have a graduate degree in science, and never have any problem 'feeling lovely and intelligent' while dancing. Rant over. Please carry on being awesome!

YIP Crew said...

Hi Vesperholly!

First of all, thanks for listening to our podcast! I'm glad that you (mostly) enjoy it! Second of all, that's about the most nicely phrased rant I've ever heard, so thank you for being gentle!

If you want to wash away some of the bitter taste listen to our interview with Kendra from Hands of Kali (posted almost exactly a year after this one). In all honesty, the older I get the less close-minded I get; when I was 8 years old I thought using hair dye was a sin, and now one of my closest friends has pink hair! I've come so far! :-)

So - no argument - the me two years ago was a bit judgmental on the topic of pole dancing (either that or I was a sycophantic FCBD fan...hmmm....could be either...). I still wish people wouldn't equate bellydance with pole dancing, but that's only because they're different things. My main beef now is close-minded people who judge things they know nothing about! (Yeah, yeah...pot meet kettle...)

Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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